Description of the tomato variety Pink Dawn, features of cultivation and care

Description of the tomato variety Pink Dawn, features of cultivation and care

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Delicacy mid-season tomato Pink Dawn is widely used in dietary nutrition. It is used fresh, as well as in all types of preservation. There are no special care requirements, it is not difficult to grow a tomato.

Description of the variety

The characteristics of useful properties allow us to conclude that pink tomatoes are the most useful for the human body. The Pink Dawn variety is not only a valuable dietary species, but also has excellent taste. In cooking, it is used for preparing salads, tomato dishes, and canned.

The Pink Dawn bush reaches a height of no more than 80 centimeters. The plant is suitable for cultivation both in greenhouse conditions and in the open field. The first fruits of tomatoes can be tasted after 110-115 days from the moment of germination.

The fruits of the Pink Dawn variety at maturity acquire a rich crimson color. The weight of each of them reaches 250-400 grams. The peel of tomatoes is very thin, there are many seed chambers. The tomatoes are sweet, with a strong classic aroma. The yield is good, 5 kg of excellent quality fruits are harvested from each bush.

Pink dawn on each cluster forms up to 5 fruits. Once ripe, they can crack. As evidenced by the reviews of those who have personally encountered the cultivation of this variety, it painfully tolerates drought, and is also often affected by fungal diseases.

Advantages and disadvantages

Pink Dawn, or as this variety is called Zarya, has a lot of advantages over competitors. These include:

  • bush growth is limited;
  • the possibility of growing in a greenhouse and in the open field;
  • large-fruited;
  • thin and delicate skin of the fruit;
  • strong classic tomato flavor;
  • high taste;
  • contains a lot of dry matter;
  • high content of vitamins;
  • universal use of the harvested crop.

Among the shortcomings, one can single out the need for tying and pinching tomatoes of the Pink Dawn variety and their tendency to fungal diseases. Tomatoes are not suitable for whole-fruit canning because of their large size, and they also do not tolerate long-distance transportation, because they are almost never grown on an industrial scale.

Growing features

The Pink Dawn description states that it is only grown by seedlings. Seeds are sown in the last decade of March. In order to increase germination, they are pre-soaked for a couple of hours in aloe juice. For planting, a container with soil is prepared in advance, where shallow grooves are made.

The seeds of the Pink Dawn are buried 1 centimeter, keeping the distance between each seed in 2-3 centimeters. After that, the sowing is abundantly watered with warm water, covered with cellophane and placed in a warm place. Seedlings appear after 4 days. As soon as 1-2 true leaves appear, the plants dive into separate containers.

A transplant to a permanent place of growth of a tomato Pink Dawn is produced in mid-May. No more than 5 bushes are planted on one square meter. Growing tomatoes of this variety requires regular pinching and tying the stems to pre-installed supports. Soil moistening should be moderate. With an excess of moisture, the fruits of the Pink Dawn will have the worst taste characteristics. In addition, they can crack.

To avoid excessive drying out of the soil, mulching is recommended. For this, last year's dry grass is suitable, as well as black non-woven fiber. It is advisable to apply organic fertilizers at all stages of plant growth.

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