Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Golden Eggs

Description and characteristics of the tomato variety Golden Eggs

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Many vegetable growers are not yet familiar with such a variety as the Golden Eggs tomato, its yield and expert reviews are also of interest to those who would like to plant these tomatoes on their site.

A few decades ago, in all the gardens of our country, there were tomatoes of only one color - red with shades from pink to rich raspberry. But thanks to the efforts of breeders, new varieties with a fundamentally new skin color - yellow - have appeared on the tomato market. Moreover, the shape and size of this variety of tomatoes can be different, they are united by the color of ripe fruits and improved taste.

Another positive quality of yellow varieties of tomatoes is their chemical composition: they have much more vitamins than red ones, yellow tomatoes are much tastier and sweeter. About 0.4 kg of these fruits contains about 2/3 of the daily dose of ascorbic acid, and about half of the required amount of carotene. Niacin, which strengthens blood vessels, is also found in yellow tomatoes. Since acids of organic origin in such vegetables are contained in optimal doses, they can therefore be included in the children's diet.

The history of the creation of the variety

Breeders from the Siberian region of our country have created this miniature variety, which is unpretentious in cultivation, miniature, feels great in the Urals, Siberia and the Moscow region in the open field, another plus is the early and friendly ripening of fruits.

Main characteristics and description of the variety

The characteristic and description of the variety can be contained in several lines. The bushes of this yellow variety are of the determinant type and are among the smallest among all varieties of tomatoes. The bushes are compact, branching well, the height of erect shoots is up to 0.4 m. The variety does not require a garter to supports, does not form stepchildren, belongs to early ripening tomatoes - it takes about three months from the appearance of seedlings to harvest. Tomato Golden Eggs are resistant to sudden temperature fluctuations and can withstand a temporary cold snap.

This vegetable is zoned for the following climatic regions:

  • Siberia;
  • The Urals;
  • Moscow region and the middle lane.

In these regions, the variety is grown outdoors, and the fruits ripen almost everywhere on the bushes. But in the event of an unexpected cold snap, you can pick tomatoes that are not fully ripe - they will ripen perfectly at home.

Ripening fruits are orange-yellow in color, ripen almost simultaneously. The mass of a ripe tomato can reach 180-200 g. Their shape is rounded, slightly elongated.... Another positive quality of Golden Egg tomatoes is the complete absence of allergens in the fruit. Therefore, these tomatoes can be included in the diet of young children and those suffering from food allergies.

A description of a tomato would be incomplete without a story about its yield - from 1 m², up to 9-10 kg of tomatoes are usually harvested. The peel of ripe fruits is quite dense, not prone to cracking. The fruits tolerate transportation well, have an excellent presentation.

The variety has a high resistance to fusarium and verticillary wilt, neither foliage nor fruits are affected by late blight, because the ripening of the crop occurs earlier than the causative agents of this disease are activated.

Positive and negative properties

The pluses of this miniature vegetable crop include:

  • compactness of plants;
  • early amicable ripening of the crop;

  • high resistance to major diseases affecting tomatoes;
  • fairly high yield;
  • lack of allergens in the fruit;
  • excellent presentation and good taste;
  • do not require tying to supports and pinching.

There are practically no disadvantages of the variety.

Reviews of vegetable growers

Since the variety is still "young", few vegetable growers have left their comments on the forum of this tomato. One vegetable grower noted that he planted the Golden Eggs tomato for the first time last season, was pleased with the result - amicable ripening of fruits, good yields with little or no trouble on the part of the owner of the garden. In the comments to this review, a comment was left from another tomato lover: "I have been growing Golden Eggs for several years now, I am quite satisfied with the taste and the amicable ripening of fruits."

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