Description of the tomato variety Flaming Heart, characteristics and cultivation

Description of the tomato variety Flaming Heart, characteristics and cultivation

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Raspberry tomatoes are loved by gardeners. Tomato Flaming Heart gives juicy appetizing berries. Summer residents strive to replenish their collections with new products. It is possible to get your own seeds.

What attracts the variety

Gardeners in troubled regions dream of pink salad tomatoes. Attracted by the sweet taste, juicy pulp. But growing and getting a decent harvest is not easy. Varieties and hybrids are capricious.

Altai breeders presented summer residents with an unpretentious tomato. Description of the variety:

  • designed for open ground and temporary (film) shelters;
  • average ripening period (from germination to harvest sample - 100 days);
  • indeterminate plant (height reaches 1 m 80 cm);
  • 6 brushes are formed on the main stem;
  • leaves are dark green.

Compliance with the rules of agricultural technology allows you to get 6.4 kg / sq. m of delicious fruits. The plant requires a garter and shaping. Flaming Heart is included in the State Register of the Russian Federation. Recommended for growing in private plots and in private gardens.

What berries are summer residents proud of

The description of the variety promises to provide tasty fruits for the family throughout the season. Raspberry berries are good on the table in slicing, salads. The juices have an unexpected, bright color.

Tomatoes grown on the street are tastier and more aromatic than greenhouse ones. Gardeners are pleased with the following characteristics of the Burning Heart:

  • pink-crimson color;
  • heart shape;
  • weight up to 240 g;
  • juicy, fleshy pulp;
  • dense skin;
  • sweet, dessert taste;
  • weak ribbing of the fruit.

It is possible to collect 2-3 kg of fleshy berries from a bush. Gardeners celebrate the transportability of the Burning Heart. Tomatoes remain marketable during transportation.

The berries of the first harvest have a mass of 220-240 g. Then they become noticeably smaller. Gardeners have found the use of non-standard products: they roll up the whole in jars, make pasta, juices. Flamed platter is tasty and healthy: tomatoes contain lycopene, ascorbic acid, sugar.

How to get a good harvest

Growing indeterminate tomatoes has some peculiarities. Reviews of experienced gardeners will help you find out. The competent application of the advice of agronomists will provide a family with tomatoes for the whole summer. The following should be remembered:

  • seeds from reputable producers are ready for sowing: no stimulation required;
  • own material should be tested for germination and disinfected;
  • it is required to deal with seedlings 50-60 days before the expected disembarkation to a permanent place;
  • plants dive when 2 true leaves grow back;
  • seedlings are illuminated, hardened, fed;
  • the ridges are prepared in advance (in the fall, mature compost is laid, in the spring - the mineral complex);
  • the use of calcium nitrate will strengthen plants and increase yields;
  • tomatoes should be shaded 3-4 days after landing on the ridges;
  • plants need moderate watering;
  • ripe fruits should be collected regularly (the bush will give strength to the ripening ones).

Flaming Heart requires 2 stems to form. It is recommended to lighten the plant to the pouring brush. A garter to the support is required.

What did the gardeners decide

Reviews of gardeners are benevolent. Flaming Heart is a fruitful variety. The fruits are beautiful and tasty. Purpose: from salad to canning. Berries do not lose marketability during transportation.

Low keeping quality upsets gardeners (a week in the refrigerator). It is difficult to cover large bushes with a film during a cold snap. But the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. The flaming heart has earned the love of the gardeners.

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