Description and characteristics of cherry varieties Pamyat Yenikeeva, yield and cultivation

For many gardeners, the cultivation of the Pamyat Yenikeev cherry variety has already become a tradition, because the tree has many positive qualities. The plant does not require special attention, it is quite hardy, and bears fruit well. Another advantage is resistance to cool conditions, diseases, insects.

Breeding history

Yenikeev's memory is a product of the labor of the breeders of the Moscow station. The variety got its name thanks to one of the creators. The culture was obtained by crossing two varieties - Korinka and Zhukovka. After 2000, Yenikeev's memory was distributed between different regions of Russia, where the cherry passed the tests with dignity and quickly gained popularity.


The description of the variety should start with the fruit. Juicy sweet pulp, delicate texture, dessert taste allow using fresh cherries.

The bones are easily separated from the pulp, the drupes are rather small.

The cherry tree itself in Memory of Yenikeev is no different from its relatives - a lush crown, large leaves. The root system is compact, which makes it possible to plant trees at a short distance.

Cherry appearance

It is difficult to determine the variety by the appearance of the plant - there are no special signs in Memory of Yenikeev. It will be possible to distinguish the culture at the time of flowering (the inflorescences resemble tiny glasses) or after the appearance of the fruits.


The height of the tree is up to 3 m. The bark of a young plant is dark gray, with age it acquires a brown tint. The crown is lush, fruiting occurs on branches collected in bunches.


The fruits are large, with good care they grow up to 5 g. The taste of the berries resembles a sweet cherry. In the southern regions, cherries are sweeter, although climatic conditions do not affect the size of the fruit.

Variety characteristics

Yenikeev's memory is self-fertile - no pollinators are needed. The peak of fruiting is the 7th year after planting. Ripening occurs in mid-June.

It tolerates drought and cold well. Shoots, buds are frost-resistant, so even spring frosts will not harm the plant.


Proper care allows you to get up to 15 kg of berries from an adult plant. Dry summers, lack of watering, top dressing will affect the number of fruits - no more than 10 kg.

Climatic resistance

Frosts Memory Yenikeev tolerates well, covering is needed only for young plants. The heat has a detrimental effect on trees, so regular watering will have to be done.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantages of culture include:

  • stability;
  • unattractiveness to insects;
  • rare disease lesions;
  • yield.

Disadvantage - frequent pruning will be required. Cherries have a tendency to form root growth, which will have to be removed regularly..

Planting and leaving

Planting is no different from planting other fruit crops. The main thing is to choose a sunny area without drafts, gusts of strong wind.


Plant in a prepared soil mixture - a combination of turf, humus, river sand. On poor soils, add compost, peat. On sandstones, add clay to the composition.

Watering and loosening

Watering is carried out as needed. In the summer - once a week. On an adult tree - up to a bucket of water. Before applying the liquid, it is recommended to loosen, while removing weeds.


In autumn, carry out a cardinal pruning, forming a crown, - remove side shoots, thickened branches. In the spring, it is recommended to carry out sanitization - to cut out the shoots that have frozen over the winter.

Top dressing

It is recommended to use rotted organic matter as a top dressing. It is not necessary to prepare solutions - in the fall, spread the nutrient layer around the trunk, sprinkle with soil. The melted water will continue the process, directing useful elements into the ground.

Preparing for winter

Wrap up only young plants before wintering. In harsh climatic conditions, also wrap up. Use spruce branches, special agrofibre, burlap.

Prevention and treatment of coccomycosis

Coccomycosis is a disease that affects Pamyat Yenikeev quite rarely. For prevention, it is recommended to use copper sulfate (spraying before the buds appear). After flowering, apply "Horus", "Strobi". Remove affected shoots completely, burn immediately.

Diseases and pests

Another disease affecting culture is moniliosis. Using chemicals is the only way to save the plant. Spraying with copper-based products. Pests almost never settle on cherries, but it is recommended to use insecticides and folk remedies for preventive purposes even before flowering.

Memory of Yenikeyev is a variety that will not cause trouble, for a little effort it will thank you with a harvest of delicious berries. The main thing is to follow the rules recommended by agricultural technology, to add the required amount of moisture, not to give up fertilizing, to monitor diseases and pests.

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