How to properly sterilize jars in an airfryer, and at what temperature

How to properly sterilize jars in an airfryer, and at what temperature

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Summer is the time to harvest and preserve. Such a procedure at home is very difficult and time consuming. Suffice it to recall how our mothers usually did: they sterilized the jars, boiled the brine, then there was a long procedure of pouring it into the jars and back. All this took a lot of space, effort and time.

But we live in the age of technology, where technology has taken over most of the work, by the way, and canning can also be shared with it. Sterilizing cans in an airfryer is a simple way to prepare delicious pickles and jams for the winter in a short period of time.

How cans are sterilized using an airfryer

Now let's move on directly to how to sterilize cans in an airfryer. With this device, the process of preparing a container for conservation will take place in a matter of minutes. First, banks are prepared: you need to choose an intact container, without chips and cracks, most housewives, the container is first thoroughly washed and rinsed. As many cans are installed on the lattice as it allows to place on itself.

The temperature regime is fixed at the level from +120 ° С to +160 ° С. For containers with a volume not exceeding 0.75 liters, it is sufficient to set the timer for 8 minutes. Large jars need to be sterilized for about 15 minutes. However, the time range of the sterilization process depends directly on the temperature. If you need to prepare cans in a short time, then the temperature can be set from +200 ° С to +240 ° С; in this mode, sterilization of any cans will last no more than 5 minutes.

True, in this case, it is recommended to pour a little liquid on the bottom of each jar so that ordinary high temperature sterilization is also combined with steam cleaning.

After turning off the timer, you can lay the jar with pre-prepared products. Everything should be done carefully, since the jars are very hot after such processing. Most notably, empty cans can be sterilized with lids. The only thing is that the temperature should be over 150 degrees.

The principle of operation of the device

The airfryer combines the functions of several kitchen items. It is easy to "get along" in it: stove, toaster, oven, deep fat fryer, microwave oven, grill, toaster. Cans in an airfryer are sterilized much faster than other methods. Ultimately, the hostess saves time by about 45%. For example, it will take about 45 minutes to cook jam on a gas stove, but with this device, this time range is reduced to 30 minutes. It's also easy, here you can marinate tomatoes, boil compote and eggplant caviar.

The temperature regime at which the water begins to boil is 140 ° C, while the device starts working at a temperature of at least 160 ° C.

An important point - before installing the container in the airfryer, you must first remove the gum from the lid, this is necessary so that it does not melt. It is also necessary to pay attention to the fact that the higher the degrees are, the less time you will spend on sterilization.

The advantages of this method

At the moment, there are different options for sterilization. But the airfryer has undeniable advantages over other methods of sterilization:

  1. There is no need to use additional capacity;
  2. Saving time, in addition, sterilization of cans and preparation of blanks are performed immediately at the same time;
  3. Completely frees the hostess from direct participation, all that the airfryer needs is to set the necessary parameters and turn it on. So, the device allows a woman to spend less time at the stove.

How to sterilize full jars

First, you need to thoroughly wash the cans, it is equally important to rinse the blanks thoroughly, only after that you can lay them out. Next, the cans should be placed in the airfryer. Prepared brine must be poured into jars. Then all the jars must be covered with lids.

To sterilize the container, it will be enough to set the temperature on the device at 265 degrees, the time - 20 minutes, if you plan to install an expansion ring, then the time must be increased to 25 minutes, the speed must be high. Thus, the banks, in a short period of time, will all be sterilized! Such manipulation with cans should be carried out with lids, but without rubber bands on them.

It is recommended to use auxiliary lids that can easily withstand any temperature conditions, and it is advisable to sterilize the gums separately.

The quality of sterilization in an airfryer, compared to other methods of processing cans, is significantly higher due to the temperature regime. The second indisputable advantage of this method is that you do not need to use additional dishes. Preparation and sterilization are carried out simultaneously.

Any housewife, having tried this method of sterilizing cans at least once, will understand the undeniable advantages of this method and will forever remain an adherent of sterilization in an airfryer. If you do not have this device at home yet, then rather buy it, it will become an indispensable assistant for every housewife !! Free up your private time for more interesting things.

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