Instructions for use and the mechanism of action of the fungicide Merpan, consumption rates

Instructions for use and the mechanism of action of the fungicide Merpan, consumption rates

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To obtain a stable harvest, it is necessary to create favorable conditions for the plants, to protect them from possible diseases. Scientists are constantly working on the creation of chemicals that can effectively fight pathologies, minimizing the negative impact on the external environment. "Merpan" is a contact fungicide designed not only to protect the garden from a complex of diseases, but also to provide a therapeutic effect.

Composition, release form and purpose of the drug "Merpan"

The pesticide captan, which is part of "Merpan", has a contact effect. Its content as an active substance is 0.8 kg per 1 kg of the drug. The chemical is produced in the form of water-soluble granules.

"Merpan" is able to protect the garden from scab and garden rot. Most often it is used during the formation and growth of ovaries. Fruits processed during the growing stage are resistant to diseases occurring during storage.

How does a fungicide work

When a contact drug enters the leaf surface or the skin of the fruit, pathogenic fungi die. This happens for several reasons:

  • metabolic disorders at the level of fungal cells;
  • synthesis of toxic substances;
  • stopping the production of enzymes.

It should be remembered that the working solution retains its properties at an air temperature of at least +14 ⁰С..

Advantages and disadvantages of the tool

The advantages of the drug include:

  • safety for bees;
  • the speed of the onset of action;
  • minimal toxicity;
  • complete decomposition in the soil;
  • pathogens are unable to resist the action of the fungicide;
  • an increase in the shelf life of fruits;
  • compatibility with other pesticides.

The disadvantages of the fungicide "Merpan" include:

  • toxicity of the drug;
  • the possibility of finding a residual amount of funds in the soil, leaves, fruits.

Consumption rate

Experts recommend the consumption of the working fluid of the fungicide "Merpan" in accordance with the standards:

  • for young apple and pear trees - 10 liters per 1 hundred square meters of plantings;
  • for mature trees - 20 liters per hundred square meters.

How to properly prepare a working solution and its further use

To create a working solution, you must:

  1. Add the required amount of the drug to a container with 2-3 liters of water, dissolve it completely.
  2. Fill the sprayer halfway with clean water.
  3. Add the prepared solution to the tank.
  4. Bring the content to the required volume.
  5. To stir thoroughly.
  6. Continue mixing when processing trees.

The prepared solution is used according to the instructions for use on the same day.

Storage for more than 48 hours in the spray tank is not permitted.

Safety when working with the tool

When working with the fungicide "Merpan", a number of precautions should be taken:

  • do not allow children, pregnant and lactating women, patients with contraindications to work with the drug;
  • be sure to use protective clothing, goggles, gloves, shoes, respirator;
  • do not smoke or eat during processing;
  • after the end of spraying, take a shower;
  • store in a place protected from children and animals.

The degree of toxicity of the substance

Fungicide "Merpan" has low toxicity for warm-blooded animals and bees. Its hazard class is third. To avoid causing even minimal damage to the environment, spraying is carried out early in the morning or late in the evening, in calm weather.

Neighbors and owners of nearby apiaries should be warned about the planned treatment.

Compatibility with other drugs

Manufacturers of the drug note its compatibility with other chemicals: pesticides, insecticides, immunomodulators, leaf fertilizers. It is impossible to combine the fungicide "Merpan" with highly alkaline agents, oils.

Before using the tank mix, it is worth conducting a compatibility test of the ingredients. If, as a result of mixing, a precipitate appears or the liquid stratifies, the joint use of drugs should be abandoned.

Terms and conditions of storage

Subject to the necessary conditions, the Merpan fungicide is stored for no more than three years from the date of its manufacture, subject to several conditions:

  • complete, undamaged packaging;
  • ambient temperature from -5 ⁰С to +40 ⁰С;
  • inaccessibility to children, animals and unauthorized persons;
  • storage separately from food and water supplies;
  • the place should be dry, shaded, protected from direct sunlight.

Are there any analogues

Analogs of the fungicide "Merpan" used for the prevention of fungal pathologies include:

  • "Abiga-Peak" based on copper oxychloride;
  • Albit "- contact biological fungicide;
  • "Skor" is a systemic drug with the active ingredient difenoconazole;
  • "Poliram" - fungicide of organic origin, contact action;

Delan is a universal remedy with prophylactic properties.

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