How to treat diarrhea in piglets at home, medicines and folk remedies

How to treat diarrhea in piglets at home, medicines and folk remedies

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Fragile piglets require special attention; when transported to a new place, the babies experience stress, they do not immediately get used to other conditions. A sharp change in diet, drinking water provokes the development of intestinal disorders, and if you do not know how to treat piglets for diarrhea at home, you can be left without young animals. In animals less than a month old, diseases are very difficult, in the absence of timely assistance, weakened babies die.

Causes of indigestion in pigs

Diarrhea, which occurs when the intestines are dysfunctional, affects both small cubs and large animals. When diarrhea is accompanied by an increase in temperature, vomiting, salts and components leave the body along with feces, without which the brain, nerves, and heart muscle cease to function. Within a few hours after the onset of diarrhea, it is necessary to find out the cause of this condition and begin treatment.

In adults

Diarrhea in pigs occurs when infected with an infectious disease, when eating moldy food, rotten foods. Provoke frustration:

  • dirty water;
  • abrupt change of feed;
  • swallowing solid objects;
  • poisoning with toxins.

Gray stools appear when the stomach is malfunctioning, whitish stools appear when the liver is damaged. Diarrhea with yellow liquid feces indicates disruptions in intestinal motility. Diarrhea with red clots in pigs is observed with bleeding in the digestive organs.


Diarrhea in small animals occurs when kept in a damp and dirty room, where bacteria and pathogenic fungi multiply rapidly. Promotes diarrhea:

  • weaning of young animals from sow milk;
  • deficiency of trace elements and vitamins in the feed;
  • overeating or starvation;
  • improper care.

In suckers, indigestion develops when the sow's mammary glands become inflamed. In 10-day-old pups, diarrhea occurs when the female feeding them begins to become attracted to the male.

Grown up piglets vilify when they get infected with food and waste, when eating fresh grass that is poorly digested by the intestines, when switching to a new feed, with an unbalanced diet. Young animals must be constantly looked after. If the piglets are fed, urgent action should be taken.

Additional symptoms

With an upset stomach, the feces of animals acquire a liquid consistency, flowing arbitrarily from the anus. The mobile pig's condition worsens, it stops moving and lies on its side, becomes lethargic, and loses its appetite. In case of poisoning in a pig, in addition to the appearance of diarrhea:

  • eyes turn red;
  • the temperature rises;
  • a secret is secreted from the auricles.

Helminths provoke the occurrence of diarrhea. When infested with worms, the animal coughs, wheezes, does not gain weight, and sometimes behaves aggressively.

Diagnostic measures

With an upset stomach, the piglet owner can independently determine the cause of diarrhea by the smell and color of feces, the presence of additional symptoms. Watery discharge appears in case of problems in the digestive organs, if they foam, the biological material must be submitted for research, the results of which will help the veterinarian determine the type of infectious disease.

The main treatments for diarrhea

An upset stomach in pigs goes away on its own very rarely, and then, if it is associated with overeating, with a change in diet. When diarrhea occurs in piglets, do not allow dehydration. Before the arrival of the veterinarian, it is necessary to give the animals a solution of "Regidron" to drink. A packet of powder is poured into a liter of slightly heated water and 200 ml of liquid is given to the piglets at least 5 times.

If the medicine is not at home, they put 1 tsp in a glass. table salt and sugar, pour in cooled boiling water. Potassium chloride is given to young animals before each feeding, which is done up to 3 times a day.

Pharmacy preparations

After providing first aid and identifying pathogenic microorganisms in the biomaterial, the veterinarian recommends treating young animals with antibiotics. They usually advise:

  1. Combine "Brovafarm" with liquid or porridge, take 20 g of powder for 1 kg of weight, feed from 2 times a day.
  2. "Akolan" must be injected inside in a similar way.
  3. "Biovit" should be given to babies from one month to 50 mg, from 2 to 6 - 3 g each, for adult pigs the dosage should be increased by 2.5 times.

Together with medicines to eliminate diarrhea, activated charcoal or "Smecta" is used. Sorbents cleanse accumulated food from toxins.

"Brovaseptol" and "Amoxicillin" are more often used in injections that are given intramuscularly. The course of antibiotic therapy lasts from 3 to 5 days.

For infectious diarrhea in Vietnamese piglets, other antibiotics are used. "Furazolidone" is given to animals in a dosage calculated for 1 kg of weight, 3 g each, "Tetracycline" - 40 each. "Farmazin" is injected into young animals intramuscularly. Spasms in animals are removed with enemas with water, to which potassium permanganate is added, warm compresses are made, and they resort to warming up with a Sollux lamp.

Folk remedies

If the piglet diarrhea not due to an infectious disease, but due to overeating, switching to a new feed, the animal is watered with decoctions or infusions from natural remedies. Oak bark relieves inflammation, eliminates vomiting, has astringent properties. The medicinal composition can be made from 100 g of dry plant matter and 4 glasses of water. The liquid is given to the piglet to drink before feeding.

Chamomile flowers, linden, nettle leaves kill microbes, cleanse the stomach and intestines of toxins, undigested foods. For the preparation of infusion 4 tbsp. the vegetable mixture is combined with a liter of water, the container is covered with a lid and left for 3-4 hours.

The healing fluid is poured into the pig's mouth before feeding. For 1 kg of the weight of the young, 2 hours of the means are taken. With green diarrhea, 5 ml of pine needle tincture on alcohol, which contains useful components, is added to the animal's food. If blood clots appear in the liquid stool, rice water is prepared, which gives an enveloping effect.

Sick pups are kept separate from healthy gilts, transferred to a warm room, and dry bedding is placed, which is changed at least twice a day. When diarrhea appears, the mumps are not given food, they are given water to drink, and when the condition improves - rice broth, to which a few drops of cod fat are added, medicines containing iron, vitamins.

Prevention of diarrhea in piglets

Preventing diarrhea in young animals is easier than eliminating such a problem. Sows need to be given vaccines to prevent intestinal diseases in a timely manner. Newborn babies should be watered with a weak and warm solution of potassium permanganate, kept in a warm and dry room, and vaccinated against worms.

To avoid diarrhea:

  • It is necessary to feed the piglets on time.
  • Carefully add new fresh food.
  • Give food in crushed form.
  • Make sure that young animals do not overeat.

The diet of animals should contain both vitamins and minerals. The pigsty needs to be cleaned regularly, ventilated, the kids should be walked in the fresh air, the drinkers and feeders should be kept clean.

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