Instructions for the use of the fungicide Amistar Extra and the method of preparation of the solution

Instructions for the use of the fungicide Amistar Extra and the method of preparation of the solution

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Before using the fungicide "Amistar Extra", you must read the instructions for use. The drug is characterized by a number of positive properties, but there are also disadvantages. The components are aimed at destroying pathogens of infections that are dangerous for grain crops, which reduce the yield and lead to the death of the plant. When diluting the solution, it is important to observe the recommended dosage.

Composition, purpose and form of release of the fungicide "Amistar Extra"

The complex product "Amistar Extra" is used for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the ground part of grain crops. The product contains two active components: azoxystrobin and cyproconazole:

  • Produced by a Swiss company in the form of a liquid solution.
  • The concentrate is sold in plastic containers of various sizes.
  • Before use, the drug must be diluted with water according to the instructions.

Since the fungus quickly adapts to the components of the fungicide, it is not used for treating the crop for two years in a row.

Speed ​​and mechanism of action

The tool belongs to the systemic contact groups of fungicides. The effect of the drug occurs within 35 minutes after the treatment of the culture:

  • Azoxystrobin is contained in a dosage of 200 g / l. The component, getting to the lesion, disrupts the respiratory system of fungal organisms. As a result, pathogenic microorganisms die. The culture will be protected from the spread of infection for a whole month.
  • Ciproconazole is contained in a concentration of 80 g / l. The substance is quickly absorbed into the tissues and, together with the juice, disperses through all organs of the plant. The component is not washed off by precipitation and protects the plant from re-infection for a long time.

The active components of the "Amistar Extra" product improve all metabolic processes that occur in plant tissues. As a result, nitrogen is better absorbed, water exchange is accelerated and immunity is enhanced.

The advantage of the tool

The fungicide "Amistar" has a number of positive qualities:

  • provides reliable protection against many diseases;
  • shows efficiency when processing at any stage of the disease;
  • lengthens the growing season of the culture;
  • positively affects the amount of the crop;
  • increases plant immunity;
  • improves the absorption of nutrients;
  • does not lose activity after rain.

Disadvantages of the drug

Despite the long list of advantages, the Amistar Extra fungicide also has weaknesses:

  • it is imperative to observe safety precautions;
  • strict adherence to dosage is required;
  • components are toxic to bees and animals;
  • the price of the drug is high.

Solution preparation method

Before starting work, the suspension must be mixed with the required amount of water. Water is poured in small portions. The finished solution is poured into a container with a spray bottle.

For use on a large scale, a special technique is used.


The combined fungicide protects against many fungal diseases. In the case of the first signs of infection, spraying is carried out at any stage of the vegetative development of the culture. If necessary, re-processing is carried out after three weeks. To protect wheat from fusarium, processing is carried out before flowering.

700 ml of fungicide will be required per hectare of crop. The finished solution volume is 300 liters.


Spraying should be carried out in case of detection of the first symptoms of the disease. After three weeks, the treatment is repeated.

From 600 ml to 900 ml of the substance is consumed per hectare of culture. You will need to make 310 liters of solution.


The culture is treated when signs of fungal infections appear. To consolidate the effect, repeated use of the fungicide is indicated after 20 days.

For 1 hectare of grain, 900 ml of concentrate is prepared. The volume of the finished solution is 420 liters.


Treatment at any stage of the growing season will help protect plantings from fungal diseases. To process one hundred square meters of the field, 9 ml of the substance is enough. The finished solution is brought to a volume of 3.5 liters.


To protect sunflower from fungal infections, it is enough to carry out one treatment at any stage of plant development. To process one hundred square meters of culture, 9 ml of the substance will be required. The consumption of the finished solution is three liters.


When signs of illness appear, spraying with Amistar Extra fungicide is permissible. Processing is stopped three weeks before harvest. For each hectare of planting, 700 ml of fungicide is needed, from which 250 ml of solution is made.

Sugar beet

To rid sugar beets from fungal infections, it is necessary to prepare a solution based on Amistar Extra. 8.5 ml of substance is consumed per one hundred square meters. The volume of the finished solution is three liters.

Instructions for using the product

The drug is intended for the treatment of field crops against fungal infections:

  • For prevention purposes, spraying is carried out before flowering.
  • For medicinal purposes, treatment is carried out immediately after the detection of symptoms of the disease.
  • The last application of the product should be one month before harvest.

Precautions when working with the drug

The drug is toxic to humans and animals, therefore, when working with it, you must follow the safety rules:

  • The work is carried out in calm and dry weather. It is best to leave the treatment in the evening or morning.
  • Treatment must be carried out in special clothing and a mask that will protect the respiratory tract.
  • If the solution gets on the skin, they should be washed with soap and water. If the solution gets into the eyes, they are washed with clean water for 16 minutes.

Fungicide toxicity

Fungicide "Amistar Extra" was assigned the second class of danger to humans and the third class - to bees.

Compatibility with other products

It is permissible to mix the drug "Amistar Extra" with other pesticides, but it is necessary to study the instructions of the means.

Storage of the drug

The fungicide should be stored in a dry, dark place, out of the reach of children and animals, at temperatures from -5 to +34 degrees. The drug retains all its properties for three years from the date of production.

Are there any analogues?

An analogue of the drug "Amistar Extra" is the fungicide "Amistar Trio". The latter contains another additional component that expands the spectrum of its action.

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