Instructions for the use of the herbicide Lumax and the mechanism of action, how to prepare a working solution

Instructions for the use of the herbicide Lumax and the mechanism of action, how to prepare a working solution

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When growing agricultural plants, you often have to deal with an invasion of insects or sudden onset of diseases. An effective remedy for these problems is a herbicide called Lumax.

Composition, purpose and form of release of the drug Lumax

This chemical contains three active ingredients:

  • mesotrione;
  • terbutylazine;
  • C-Metolachlor.

The drug belongs to systemic fungicides, presented in the form of a suspension or emulsion. Available in 5 liter cans.

Chemical "Lumax" is used to protect corn plantings from weeds. With its help, you can not only get rid of cereals and other types of weeds, but also control their appearance. The visible effect is achieved immediately after the first treatment.

The mechanism of action of the weed control

Active substances penetrate into plant tissues through the root system and leaves. Also, the drug infects weeds directly when it comes into contact with foliage. After application, young shoots of weeds begin to curl up and die. In dicotyledonous plants, the substance penetrates the cotyledons, thereby leading to the fact that the weeds die even before the emergence of shoots.

You can see the results almost immediately after the first treatment. Re-spraying is required in very rare cases. If a pre-emergence treatment with the drug was carried out, then the weeds do not grow at all on the site.

Main pros and cons

Benefits of using a corn processing chemical:

  1. High efficiency.
  2. Duration of exposure (throughout the growing season).
  3. Long period of protection of agricultural plants (about 12 weeks).
  4. The drug starts working immediately after spraying the weeds.
  5. Suitable for the destruction of a large number of weeds.
  6. Compatible with many other chemicals.
  7. You can use it before germination.

But with such a large list of advantages, the chemical also has disadvantages. First of all, this is a large list of weeds that are weakly sensitive to it. These include:

  • all varieties of radish;
  • rape;
  • stellate medium;
  • Mary white;
  • common rape;
  • thymus;
  • sow thistle;
  • horsetail;
  • dope.

Also, toxicity can be distinguished from the disadvantages of the chemical. The drug can be dangerous to bees and humans if used improperly. It is also forbidden to use it near open bodies of water.

Consumption rate for different plants

The herbicide "Lumax" is used mainly for the treatment of corn plantations. The chemical helps prevent the emergence of annual grasses as well as dicotyledonous weeds.

For the preparation of a solution of 200-300 liters per hectare.

How to prepare a working solution

It is necessary to use the chemical for the treatment of corn plantations strictly according to the manufacturer's instructions. It is quite easy to prepare a working solution. This requires a clean container (which will subsequently be used only for the preparation of chemicals) and water. The emulsion is diluted in water and mixed thoroughly. Then the plants are sprayed. If a solution remains after processing, it cannot be reused.

The treatment is recommended to be carried out at an air temperature of +10 to +25 degrees. The most effective drug is when annual cereal weeds have 1-2 full leaves, and dicotyledons have 2-4 full leaves.

How to use the working mixture correctly

Before proceeding with processing, you need to carefully study the instructions for use. For spraying, a special spray bottle with a fine spray is used so that the liquid is evenly distributed over the plant foliage.

Spraying is best done in the evening, when the sun has already set. This will avoid burning the leaves. Also, before carrying out the procedure, it is recommended to look at the weather forecast so that after several days of treatment there will be no heavy rains.

Herbicide safety

Spraying is recommended on a sunny and calm day, so that the solution is not sprayed in all directions. Before the procedure, you need to prepare. It is best to wear closed clothing, goggles and a mask.

If the solution gets on the mucous membrane, you should immediately rinse the area with plenty of clean water. In the event that various symptoms appear - itching, redness or burning, immediately consult a doctor for help.

The degree of toxicity of the drug "Lumax"

This chemical is characterized by the third class of hazard for humans and honey insects. It is forbidden to use the herbicide near open bodies of water. Not hazardous to mammals.

Is it compatible with other products?

The herbicide is compatible with most other chemicals. But in any case, a compatibility test must be carried out before processing. The product is well compatible with chemicals such as Reglon Super and Fuzilad Forte.

At the same time, it is not recommended to use preparations based on organophosphorus compounds a week before or after the treatment of plantations with Lumax. It is also forbidden to use a chemical if, before planting, they were treated with substances that include organophosphorus compounds.

How to store the herbicide?

Lumax herbicide, like any other chemical, is recommended outside the reach of pets and small children. There should be no food nearby. Optimum storage conditions are a dark, well-ventilated room, out of the reach of the sun's rays.

The shelf life of the chemical is 3 years. Ready-made solutions are not subject to storage.

Are there any analogues?

Lumax is one of those drugs that have many analogues. Of the effective remedies with a similar composition, one can single out:

  • "Avestil";
  • "Aldox";
  • "Barrier";
  • Diamond Stream;
  • Virulen;
  • "Desaltin";
  • Lizafin;
  • Megadez;
  • Ekoment-forte.

Preparations with a similar composition in terms of the degree of impact on weeds are no worse than "Lumax".

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