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How to breed remont raspberries

Autumn greetings to all gardeners and gardeners. Going to breed repair raspberries. If I plant it in the fall, should I cut it to the root, or leave it until next year? Or do you need to make cuttings from them and plant the cuttings already?


I didn’t understand about cuttings ... about cutting off the aerial parts: as you wish. In fact, a repair can be ordinary. Those. if you do not cut off the aerial part, then next year it will bear fruit again, like ordinary raspberries ... and on the shoots of the new year there will be a second crop, later ... That is it’s raspberries two in one ... Another conversation is that when you cut it off, it’s easier to leave ... because it is understood that those who will cut it in the fall will plant a repairing one ... Otherwise, it’s easier to plant an ordinary one ... it’s tastier (IMHO) But the bush itself something purple.

It depends on where you survive. I live in Siberia. Fruits like ordinary raspberries in the second year. For the season does not have time to gain growth and to bear.

I also live in Siberia. If you do not want to get a crop, then cut to the root. Having read the advice, I also decided to cut it to the ground, so the next year there was only green shoots, I almost ruined the Hercules variety. Now I cut it the same way as a simple one, but part of the raspberries has time to produce second berries, depending on the summer. Today we have the whole of August from 25 to 35 degrees, raspberries are still ripening.

thanks for answers. I live in the Urals, the summer was just as hot, there was a simple raspberry, good, tasty, I’d like to plant a restorant, I read everything on the Internet, it’s not clear who cuts, who doesn't cut, who cuts with cuttings. probably I won’t bother. Simple and tasty and care has been worked out for years.)))

last summer I bought a variety of remont raspberries “Orange Miracle”, there was a small branch of about 15 cm. I grew and had several berries in the summer, cut everything to the ground in the fall, in the spring I went up a little later than usual, now the branches are 1.5 meters high and everything is in berries., the berries are very large, in the fall I will cut everything again, I really liked it, I want to buy a red repairant variety in spring, I live in Arkhangelsk.

in spring you can cover it with lutrasil ... then the earth will warm up earlier and raspberries will grow earlier. type mini hotbed on low arcs to do over the place where the bush was. For, the sooner the bush wakes up, the sooner it will begin to bear fruit, which means that the more summer sun will capture and be sweeter.

Thanks, I'll try in the spring.

well, I don’t miss it ... I also marvel in Siberia, Omsk ... every year we cut it to the root, the first crop is the same as the usual one, the second one is stretched, it quietly bears fruit until frost

Svetlana, when planting, leave about 50 cm from the ground, cut off the rest. And in the second year, when you see that the raspberries have taken root, decide how to cut it. If berries are needed in June, then in the fall young growth is not cut, if in August, then it will be necessary to cut everything in the fall. Only in the third year the bush gives a lot of large tasty clean (not affected) berries