Description of the pink pearl tomato variety, its characteristics and yield

The early ripe high-yielding tomato variety "Pink Pearl", bred in 2002 by Ukrainian breeders, has been registered in the register across the Russian Federation since 2004 and has already been appreciated by domestic gardeners. Tomatoes have a number of benefits:

  • great taste;
  • high productivity;
  • resistance to specific diseases and pests of tomatoes;
  • resistance to temperature extremes;
  • high commercial properties during transportation and storage;
  • the possibility of growing on the balcony.

The main characteristics of the tomato variety

Before purchasing seeds, you should carefully study the description of the variety. According to suppliers, the determinant tomato variety has a short bush up to 75 cm, which does not need pinching, which can easily withstand temperature changes or lack of light. The formation of flowers begins at the level of 4-5 leaves, and the first fruits will appear after 3 months from planting seedlings in the soil. Ripe tomatoes are small, up to 110 g, rounded, pink in color with overflows reminiscent of pearls.

Tomato lovers note excellent taste characteristics.

Under favorable conditions, up to 3-4 kg of tasty vegetables can be harvested from 1 bush. The fruits are located in large clusters on the bush, this is due to the main disadvantage of the plant - fragility of the branches. Therefore, it is necessary to provide a garter for the bushes and timely release them from ripe fruits. Vegetables are suitable for raw use and preservation.

Features of growing tomatoes "Pink Pearl"

Tomato is undemanding to care and is resistant to negative environmental influences and most diseases, so growing a plant will not cause much effort. Given the normal low light tolerance, the plant can be grown in any region. However, it is not worth growing tomatoes in the shade, this will greatly reduce the yield of the plant.

The optimal planting scheme, thanks to which you can get up to 18 kg of harvest - 5-7 bushes per 1 sq. m. Tomatoes can be grown in greenhouse conditions, outdoors and even at home on the balcony. Watering should be regular, and during the period of active growth, the plant should be fertilized.

It is better to plant seedlings or seeds in the soil on which cauliflower, cucumbers, carrots, greens or zucchini used to grow. Seeds are sown in the soil at the end of February - March, depending on the region and on growing conditions (at home or in a greenhouse), and seedlings are planted in mid-May - June.

What is the plant sick with and how to treat it?

An important characteristic of the variety is disease resistance, it is especially immune to late blight. All that is needed for the plant to feel good is not to flood or dry out the soil, if the tomato grows in a greenhouse or at home, regularly ventilate the room.

Sometimes bushes can be attacked by melon aphids and thrips. Treatment of bushes with insecticides, for example, the "Bison", rid the plant of pests.

The most dangerous enemies of tomatoes growing outdoors are slugs and a bear. Effective ways to combat them are to loosen the soil and treat it with mustard or red pepper solutions.

Reviews of gardeners who grew the variety "Pink Pearl" are almost always positive. Tomato pleases vegetable lovers not only with delicious fruits in large quantities, but also with the aesthetic appearance of the bushes. It is better to buy plant seeds from trusted suppliers. This variety of tomatoes will appeal to every gardener.

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