Characteristics and description of the variety of tomato Robin

Characteristics and description of the variety of tomato Robin

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The small Kazakhstani town of Semey forever immortalized its name in the "manuscripts" of gardening, the Malinovka tomato crowned with laurels was invented by breeders of a cozy province. A tomato plant with an unusual coloring quickly spread throughout Eastern European countries, fell in love with millions of summer residents. What are the subtleties of the description of the legendary tomato variety? Is it possible to grow the perfect Robinovka tomatoes, guided by the advice of sophisticated summer residents?

The main criteria for tomatoes Robin

For talented summer residents who have studied the scientific subtleties of describing the Robinovka tomato variety, there is a separate characteristic that emphasizes that sweet tomatoes belong to:

  • mid-season;
  • productive;
  • tall;
  • indeterminate.

Kazakhstani variety of tomatoes Malinovka is grown both in greenhouses and in spacious areas of open ground, the nuances of two methods:
  1. The first cultivation option is suitable for colder climates.
  2. On lands prone to warmth, the classic breeding method is used.

The bush grows up to one and a half meters, the dense stem surprises with its massiveness. Experienced summer residents, for a good harvest of Robinovka bushes, are advised to form a plant in two trunks. Leaves are deep green in color, standard shape and size.

Characteristics of ripe fruits

For the first time, many are surprised by the results of planting, a fluffy bush brings up to 5 kg of fleshy berries. The fruits of a sweet variety of tomatoes differ from other subspecies in the following characteristics of a ripe tomato:

  1. Color at the stage of ripeness: the Robin plant has a delicate pink skin.
  2. Standard weight: weight varies from 250 to 500 g.
  3. Shape: heart-shaped ball, large fruits.
  4. Culinary criteria: Taste suitable for eating raw tomatoes, diet salads, sauces.

The meaty filling of the crop, harvested from the thin twigs of a spreading bush, is distinguished by a tangible sweetness. The dense raspberry peel protects the juicy component of the content, the seeds are in small quantities.

Explicit advantages of the Kazakh variety

The pink giants of the tomato variety Malinovka, whose apple essence manifests itself in a similar shade and size, have a number of advantages that distinguish the tomato plant from other inhabitants of the beds:

  • unpretentiousness of the plant in care;
  • the resistance of the bushes in case of weather disasters;
  • gastronomic versatility of fruits;
  • resistance to cracking in tomatoes.

Fluffy bushes need regular watering with warm water, mineral fertilizing, and frequent weeding. It is desirable to water tomato bushes with warm water; complex mixtures are successfully used among fertilizers.

Unique plant differences

Legendary notes betray the following characteristics, highlighting the individuality of the bright Robin plant:

  • Kazakh variety - non-hybrid;
  • the dry matter content in the tomato is medium;
  • inflorescences are simple.

The fruits ripen at the same time, summer residents should get the support of their relatives in order to quickly harvest a ripe crop.

Growing principles: how to achieve the perfect harvest?

High yield of fertile bushes is possible only with proper care, compliance with reality to all the rules of sowing and breeding. Reading reviews in the environment of thematic sites and forums, you can stumble upon recommendations:

  1. The initial sowing for seedlings takes place 2 months before the main "moving" of the sprouts of the future bush into the ground.
  2. When planting thin plant rudiments, it is necessary to maintain a distance, up to 3 shoots per square meter.
  3. When deciding to form stems into 1 trunk, you can expand the boundaries of the permissible, 4 plants per 1 sq. meter.

As a rule, nothing hinders the good cultivation of a unique variety of tomatoes. The plant is distinguished by its endurance to some diseases, frequent attacks of parasitic aphids.

Diseases and pests, ways to deal with a possible problem

The powerful immunity that the Malinovka tomato variety possesses allows summer residents not to worry about the presence of tobacco mosaic and rot in the "country pet". An inexperienced gardener should know that:

  1. Fungicidal preparations protect resistant stems from the killing wave of fungal diseases.
  2. Preventive treatment of bushes with chemical mixtures of insecticidal drugs helps prevent attacks by parasites.

Care should be taken with the use of drugs, many products are dangerous for humans and pets.

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