How to preserve plums at home by freezing, drying and pickling

If you ask an experienced housewife how to store plums at home, she will certainly tell you to preserve them, send them to the freezer. These are far from all the methods that are recommended to be applied in practice - tasty fruits will be preserved no less effectively on the balcony or in the basement. The main thing is to study the basic rules of storage, strictly adhere to the recommendations.

Terms and rules for collecting plum fruits

It is rather difficult to recommend when to pick juicy fruits from a tree - there are no specific deadlines. The collection of plums depends on the variety, some ripen in the middle of summer, others hang on the trees almost until autumn. It is important to know if the variety ripens after harvest, if unripe fruits are harvested, they can simply deteriorate, even if provided with good storage conditions. In order not to lose the entire crop, it is recommended to study the characteristics of the fruits in advance, find out the storage periods, ripening features if they are harvested earlier.

Gather fruits at the dacha carefully, use a basket. It is not recommended to work only with your hands, shaking or knocking down the fruits. Even a minor blow can cause damage to the drain.

What varieties are suitable for storage

It is recommended to use only late varieties for storage. The early ones are fleshy and juicy, even in cool conditions they quickly begin to deteriorate.

Great for storage:

  • El Dorado;
  • Stanley;
  • Empress;
  • Anna Shpet;
  • Arton;
  • Hagant.

The record holder for storage is Excellent blue - under the right conditions, it easily withstands several months without signs of spoilage, you will be able to enjoy fresh fruits even after the New Year holidays.

Duration and storage conditions of fresh plums

Depending on the variety, plum fruits can be stored for up to 4 months without freezing or pretreatment.

The record holders are able to withstand much longer - up to six months, but only if the temperature regime is chosen correctly, and the air does not become too humid.

It is recommended to strictly adhere to the basic rules - keep fruits at the same temperature, avoid sudden jumps. The optimum room temperature is up to five degrees.

In the fridge

It is recommended to use egg trays for storage in the refrigerator. Fruits that do not come into contact with each other, rot less, feel great for a long time. Another way is to use plastic containers, small trays that can be sealed tightly. It is imperative to regularly check the fruit, remove the fruit with signs of spoilage in a timely manner.

On the balcony

It is recommended to send plums to the balcony in cardboard boxes. If you have time, wrap each fruit in paper (newspaper), this will protect against adverse external influences and extend the shelf life. In severe frosts, if the balcony is cold, it is better to bring it indoors.

In the cellar

Storage in a cellar has a number of advantages - stable temperature, low humidity. The main rule is to regularly revise fruits, remove fruits with signs of rotting or dry spots. Use cardboard boxes, containers as containers.

In the freezer

The easiest way to extend the life of healthy fruits is to send them to the freezer. There are two options for storing fruit - pre-seed or freeze whole.


Seedless fruits are used for making desserts, baked goods, fruit sauces. Be sure to rinse the fruit, dry it on a soft towel, cut or halve it with your hands, remove the seeds. Place in one layer on a wide baking sheet, freeze (turn over several times during freezing), transfer to a container.

With bones

Before freezing, even if the seeds will not be removed, it is also recommended to rinse the fruit. After drying, put in containers (do not tamp), leave to freeze in the freezer.

Processing plums for long-term storage for the winter

Aside from freezing or storing fresh fruit in a cool place, there are a few simple ways to stock up on plums for the winter. Each of them does not require prolonged heat treatment, so you don't have to worry about the disappearance of nutrients, vitamins are completely preserved.


Dried plums are a great ingredient for dessert, baking. For drying, it is recommended to use special units - an electric dryer, an oven. In the summer, the sun's rays will perfectly cope with the process. Rinse the fruits before drying, divide into particles. It is better to use not too juicy fruits, the cooking time will be significantly reduced.

Pickled fruits

There are many recipes for preserving plums. Pickled fruits retain most of the beneficial elements. There are many ways to prepare a treat for the winter - by steaming plums, sterilizing, pre-boiling them in syrup.

Plum in its own juice

The favorite recipe of many housewives is fruits in their own juice. To do this, fill the jars with fruit particles, cover with a small amount of sugar, wait until the plums let the juice out, then, if necessary, add a little boiled water, and seal.

Cooking candied fruits

For the preparation of candied fruits, not too juicy fruits are used. Sprinkle the plums with plenty of sugar, put them in one layer on a baking sheet, bring to readiness in the oven at low temperature. Be sure to stir during the cooking process, make sure that the particles dry out and not bake. Cool completely before packing. Store in containers, close container tightly.

Vacuuming fruits

Vacuum drainage is used in industrial production, in shops, at home. The advantages of the method - the fruits are not affected by a harmful environment, the particles are not weathered, they are stored longer. For vacuuming, you will need a special device that reliably glues the edges of the package, having previously removed all the air. It is imperative to make sure of the quality of the packaging, if there is even a tiny hole, the plums will start to deteriorate quite quickly, it will not work to prevent this process. At home, even after the process, it is recommended to store plums in cool conditions - in the refrigerator, cellar, basement.

Sweet plum in sugar

Another great way to store fruit is to sugar it. The first stage of cooking is to sprinkle abundantly with sugar, send it to an enamel bowl, wait until the sweet crystals are completely dissolved. Fold the plums in clean jars, re-fill with sugar, immediately send them to a cool room, having previously sealed the containers hermetically.

Duration of storage of delicacies - up to a year. Use for the preparation of sweets, as a filling in pies, to prepare desserts.

Plum fruits are enjoyed by adults and children with pleasure, fruits are universal - they go well not only with butter dough, but even with meat or vegetables. Observing the storage rules, it will be easy to feast on fragrant and juicy yummy food during the frosty winter, which will give the body an abundance of vitamins and nutrients.

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