Description of the cucumber variety Finger, cultivation and care

Description of the cucumber variety Finger, cultivation and care

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There is no vegetable garden lacking crispy cucumbers. Among the many varieties, the finger cucumber is especially popular, which is suitable both for fresh consumption and for pickling. In addition, Fingers are endowed with high productivity and good taste.

Description of the variety

Finger cucumber is an early maturing bee-pollinated type of vegetable, bred at one of the experimental stations in Russia by the breeder V.I.Shefatov. Plants of this variety are endowed with good immunity to diseases (including from downy mildew) and resistance to low temperatures. Fingers are grown in the open field. It is possible to plant cucumbers in a greenhouse, provided that a fan or a bee hive is installed.

Fruiting occurs evenly and lasts 2 months. If all agro-technological requirements are met, about 7 kg of fruits can be harvested from one bush. Due to their dense structure, cucumbers perfectly tolerate transportation over long distances.

On a slightly curly stem, branches of medium length are formed. The leaves, which have the usual shape for cucumbers, are colored dark green. The description of the variety contains information that the flowers of the plant are predominantly female.

Fruit characteristics:

  1. The fruits are covered with a dark green skin.
  2. Unlike many varieties, the slightly tuberous surface of the fingers does not have thorns.
  3. The cucumbers are crispy, tasty and not bitter.
  4. The maximum fruit length is 12 cm, and the weight is 130 g.
  5. Fruits, which after ripening for a long time hang on the lash, overripe and become yellow and watery.

Features of growing and care

Finger cucumbers love to grow on well-pickled and drained soil. The culture of this variety can be grown in a seedling and seedling way. Sowing a plant on a garden bed begins after the average daily temperature becomes more than +15 C. The planting material is placed in grooves with a depth of 2 cm.

The characteristic of the variety can be spoiled by improper sowing. So, in addition to the temperature and depth of the row, the germination rate also depends on the position of the seeds. So it is best to lay the planting material with the nose upwards at a 45-degree angle.

The cucumber planting bed is prepared in the fall. For this, mineral or organic fertilizers are applied for digging. As a top dressing, a mixture of 200 g of wood ash, 40 g of superphosphate, 25 g of potassium has proven itself well. Fans of organic fertilizers scatter cow dung over the garden. For 1 sq. m. of area 1 bucket of substance is consumed. Immediately before sowing, the soil is thoroughly loosened with a rake.

Caring for a variety of cucumbers Finger is no different from caring for all types of cucumbers. In order for the plant to form as many fruits as possible, the bushes are regularly watered and fed. After heavy rain and the next watering, the soil is loosened. Weeds are removed as needed.

Despite the fact that cucumbers are very fond of moisture, plants cannot be poured. Due to the constant exposure to water on the roots and stems, plants develop fungal diseases.

During the flowering period, cucumbers are watered only with settled water, the temperature of which is close to the ambient temperature. Due to the temperature shock, the plant can shed some of the ovaries, thereby greatly reducing the yield.

Have you grown this kind of cucumber? What are your impressions of plant cultivation? Your reviews will complement the description of the variety, and even the most distrustful gardener will be able to compare all the advantages and disadvantages of the plant and will be 100% confident in his choice.

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