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How are tomatoes sick?

How are tomatoes sick?

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Who knows what kind of attack rushed to my tomatoes? In the open ground, the land is new, in the spring they brought black soil, from below the compost, moderate watering, at first they grew quickly, a lot of green large tops, could not get enough of it. For the umpteenth time, the diseased fruits were cut short, and they all come from somewhere. At first, thought was vertex rot, fertilized with potassium nitrate, but to no avail.


late blight

Right? From phytophthora sprinkled three times already by Ridomil, all as in the instructions. And most importantly, the leaves are whole, green, not a single yellow, all-present, or in black spots.

Phytophthora, collect urgently what is left on the affected bushes. Dig bushes and burn, in no case compost. In the land of this infection lives, the next year immediately do the prophylaxis, treat the bushes. If some of the bushes are apparently healthy, it is not too late to treat them with a fungicide or it is advised to take a thin copper wire, pierce the stem from below through and leave it that way. I have not tried this method, but friends say that it works.

This is top rot - only saltpeter needed CALCIUM. Blight begins with leaves and trunk

By the way, calcium nitrate is not fed, but they are refined - 1 tablespoon per 10 liters. Every 5-10 days

This is the peak !!! What is needed is not potassium, but CALCIUM saltpeter, ash.

don't be scared ahead of time. If possible, post here a photo of the full picture - bushes. leaves. Phytophthorosis does not affect some fruits. Plum-like variety - they are prone to apical almost everything! If it’s wet and hot, then you’ll get sick with feed, do not feed with saltpeter. For the rest, I also only see the peak. Calcium deficiency! The top is CAAAAL! Do not potassium! I had enough spraying with infusion with ash and shell twice to get rid of .... If you potassium feed, it is clear that it did not help ...

I support hope !!!! Ash helps !!!! And then, late blight, late blight !!! NOT PHYTOPHTOR !!!

I would like to put you like if it was possible !!!

wow, I came to the summer house and show: give me calcium !!! saltpeter (it seems to have read in Nete that Kaltsieva), and the seller says to me: maybe potassium, we only have potassium. That's how I was led.

sellers generally burn !!! They’re so afraid of me everywhere)))