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What to make ovaries appear on tomatoes

What to make ovaries appear on tomatoes

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Summer residents, helpers are my beloved, tell me, I have 2 or 3 tomatoes on my tomatoes! You can say no tomato! How to help, so that the ovaries are? thanks in advance


Spray Tomatoes with Ovary or Boric Acid

These sprayings do not give anything. Only the first tier started on my indices, and the next 4 are empty. On the street it was +38, the pollen was sterile at this temperature.

And I have the same

The same story, do not even waste time and money. If it weren’t for the weather, I would have exported tomatoes from Kamchatka with a summer residence! How I look at the number of dry sticks instead of an ovary, so insulting! Well, nothing sho maya, then maya! Now it’s better to monitor late blight and do prophylaxis so as not to lose what is!

I really thought that only I have this, there are no tomatoes

I processed everything, the flowers showered.

I also have 2-3 brushes and that's it, the first year is such a disgrace.

I also have only 2-3 tiers in the greenhouse, but in about. G. Everything is as it should, completely, the varieties are repeated, well, and Sanka with the shuttle, where without them!

I have excellent ones, but the week of heat and the upper ones did not start.

Tell me, please, how to deal with late blight? And then all the tomatoes with a black half.

I alternately sprayed metronidazole (1 tablet per liter of water), only crush the tablet well and dissolve it for about an hour in a small amount of water, then add the rest of the water, furacilin dissolves in the same proportion and makes 1.5 liters of serum and 30- 40 drops of iodine. It has been processed already 6 or 7 times. To process the bush from the bottom up and the soil around the bushes and be sure to remove the diseased leaves and everything from the bottom to the first bunch, which would be well ventilated. I have tomatoes in the garden.

And I have tomatoes in my garden. Bushes are strewn with tomatoes. There is no greenhouse, and don’t need the gift of this crap. I read here, then ticks in people, then fluorine, then some other rubbish, and even the tomatoes do not get knotted out. And quite, one asks, is a greenhouse needed !? My mother-in-law has a greenhouse for the second year, so I was tormented with watering and weeding. Phytophthora is now on tomatoes. But I do not fall in the garden, and only watered it twice this summer. There is almost no rain, the earth is wet. Mulch helps out.

The first photo 3 weeks ago, the cold, did not harbor. I took the second photo yesterday. We remove 2-3 tomatoes a day, and even cherry tomatoes in handfuls, and even as we pass through the seeds, pluck them, click them.

Svetlana! You well! And we only have in greenhouses! It’s cold in the exhaust gas. And also this year there are very few tomatoes. Rain all summer!

Our June was cold and rainy. For 10 days, the temperature did not rise above + 5 during the day, at night it was +1, even wore a winter jacket: - 🙁 (I thought that everything would freeze. But no, they survived and bear fruit beautifully! I just picked varieties not greenhouse-southern, but hardy. So with the tomatoes.

We allow ourselves only cucumbers in OG. Tomatoes are useless. You are still warmer!

So I have a summer house in the Bezhetsky district. The climate is St. Petersburg, sometimes even colder, and the summer is only 2 months.

A few days ago there was a question - where do you buy seeds? I was convinced on zucchini. The wife always buys xs which are Japanese. This year, obukala seeds were also profiled. Two zucchini and one pipets grew. For tomatoes. Spend 300 r and buy a series of raspberry miracles from Russian gardens. Your neighbors will start taking autographs.

Tell me, what varieties were planted?

I want to talk about the “raspberry miracle”. I plant the second year in the greenhouse and on the street. There are very few deliveries in the greenhouse, but on the street the harvest is pleasing. Next year I’ll only plant in the open garden. I live in the Chelyabinsk region.

I planted a lot of different things, not to remember everything. I put the tablets in the beds, so the magpies gutted. There were exactly varieties Fatima, Mongolian dwarf, Zinulya, Summer sun, Date, Zebra orange, (planted more than 30 varieties)