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How to deal with slugs

How to deal with slugs

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Good day. Tell me, please, how to deal with slugs? They eat everything in a row. Especially flowers and cabbage. Thank you in advance.


Sprinkle ash on them. Before my eyes dissolve!)

Salt them, die from salt. You can pour dry mustard around the plants.

Mustard really helped this year, but I doubt about the salt, because you can ruin the land. You can still lure them with beer, and then collect them, and it also helps to go out hunting with scissors every night, in short, it's all very unpleasant and time-consuming

Yes, mustard helps a lot.

Nettle bites, they don’t really like it, you can cut it and spread it around the stem, they will crawl less.

traps are also great .... under a plant a plank, in the morning a gathering .... they hide there from the sun, all in a bucket a plank in place ... it is convenient to check the time constantly .... the result, taking into account other measures ... the same mustard will be for sure!

Bought in OBI - Thunderstorm from snails and slugs in granules. For all cultures. I’ll try tomorrow.

I did not understand how it works. And how much she needs to pour. She didn’t help me at all

it is written - packing on 5 sq.m. I just bought it, and tomorrow I will be in the country and try Thunderstorm in action. I have little hope for this drug ... I got slugs very much. Devoured the whole seedlings of flowers Cheerful guys. There was not a single flower. The rest is also eating.

Mustard and Thunderstorm certainly help a lot. But after a rain they are covered with shaggy mold, which greatly reduces the joy of victory.

I read to pour corn groats into cans and put them sideways so that they could eat the slugs there, and then they die, today I’ll try.

Thunderstorm helps, but before the granules get wet. then again. It works like this: a slug creeps along a granule and mucus begins to bubble, it creeps a little leaving this trace and dies, the picture is terrible especially we have 10 cm centimeter tiger slugs, but nothing better than a thunderstorm (((

and how much should it be poured so that the slug creeps along it ?? There are not many granules in the bag. To accurately slug stumbled on a granule, it is necessary to pour a lot in one place. It turns out that one bag for one or two plants is enough

and I have my favorite hosts

I don’t sprinkle on the plants themselves and around (if only around inedible ones), I sprinkle along the paths, not in a continuous layer, they will find their mine anyway sooner or later, one bag will roughly crumble onto a track 40-59 cm wide and a meter long 3 4, in principle, enough to detect a carrion in the foam in the morning

I have small ones ... and there are a lot of large ones, if I see, with a shovel on the head right away and with small ones it’s harder ... there are a lot of them because I mulch everything with mowed grass. It is necessary to tie up with this matter)) the day before yesterday a storm threw around her flowers and at the same time thought about how all this would work)

it was with mulching with grass and straw that I spread this muck last year, we live in a lowland and instead of using plants, we equipped housing for slugs. Small ones also fall well, you can sprinkle denser in principle, but it’s better to just pour in a week later

yes, I also come to the conclusion that they have bred because of the grass. If the storm is working for you, then it should be for me)) I’ll go and buy some more packages now

good luck in the fight!)))

I scattered mustard yesterday. It rained and everything was washed away. Yes, and after watering too. Maybe I did something wrong? I tried to collect them with my hands, but there are too many of them. They even gnawed a lily ((((insulting to tears

I also chewed the hosts. In the spring of seedlings with Cheerful guys dropped and broke. I was upset, planted seedlings again ... Dates were already running out. And now slugs! Today at the dacha, it was sprinkled with granules on slugs.


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