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Why the peony does not open a bud

Why the peony does not open a bud

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Hello, tell me, please, why did the peony pick up the color, but the bud did not blossom?


I probably too

There is small living creatures inside, forgot what is called. Peonies in spring, as soon as they come out, must be treated with Bordeaux liquid


we had 0.5 cm holes in two buds (out of three), and a spider got out of one of them. So one flower only bloomed this year

feed phosphorus and potassium this year, and treat it with Bordeaux liquid in spring, I hope it will bloom next year. Or maybe he is still young with you, if he is 2-3 years old, then he has little strength for all buds

I have him about 6 years old

bloomed well before, right? Then it was as if small “tenants” settled in the bud.

Yes, there were 7-10 flowers, and now 5 buds have appeared late and not one has not bloomed, but the wild one has not given

Do you know what happens to the root system? Could drag out with such universal rains, that’s the result of undeveloped buds. There are no residents inside. But to find out the level of bush planting is worth it. After a month, wash the root, examine it, cut out all the root tubers, which is in doubt and raise the bush. Without any “feedings”. Processing with any modern copper-containing preparations can also be useful.

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