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How to care for a tree peony

How to care for a tree peony

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Do you hide tree peonies for the winter? What and how? How do you care for them and do you need pruning?

Can it be propagated by cuttings? If so, how?

Thank you in advance)


It is best to cover the tree with leaves, bark, just burlap or agrofiber. Pruning is carried out in the spring before the beginning of the vegetation of green mass. Cut preferably to the upper axillary bud (leaving about 10 cm of old shoots). Of course, dried or damaged shoots are cut off. Regarding the care, it differs little from the care of leafy peonies. From the time of vegetation, you need to water twice a month, pouring about 5-6 liters of water under the bush. Peony tree-like big lover of potash and nitrogen top dressing. You can propagate by semi-lignified cuttings cut in June.