When does a blueberry ripen and how to pick it

When does a blueberry ripen and how to pick it

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When the blueberries ripen, the harvest season begins. Tasty and healthy berries of blueberries, or, as it is also popularly called, gonobel, bring impressive profits to companies producing juice, jam and other products from blueberries. The berry is in great demand among adherents of a healthy lifestyle and admirers of traditional medicine.

The high yield of blueberries in Poland has made this country an employer for many job seekers. People who prefer to work seasonal work, know all the benefits of such earnings. But today, technology is developing at a tremendous speed, and not only a live labor force, but also machines are needed to pick berries.

A blueberry harvester is a successful technical invention that replaces several people. To begin with, a machine, unlike a person, can work non-stop, in any weather and in any need. The harvester is perfect for harvesting when the gonobelobel begins to bear fruit in large quantities. For the collection to be timely, you need to involve a lot of people in the process, and this is an extra cost. One machine can replace several people, and if there is a high yield of berries, you can’t do without technology. Let's get started: about picking blueberries in more detail.

Berry picking machine

The technique for picking blueberries was invented when productivity reached its climax, and there was not enough labor. The second reason is profitability. The machine will last for years, it does not need to pay a salary. Of course, the harvester will not work without a person, at least an operator is needed.

The invention of specialized equipment allowed companies involved in the cultivation of blueberries to save significantly.

Harvesters for collecting healthy berries can be of different brands, but they all have the same principles of operation.

Blueberry picking machine

Features of the technique for picking berries:

  • auto leveling when adjusting the height;
  • spacious upper platform;
  • hard handrails on the platform;
  • 4 wheel drive;
  • solid steel front guides;
  • hydrostatic transmission;
  • auto shut off at low oil pressure;
  • the function of adjusting the tension of the belts on the conveyor;
  • high rate of loading of a back platform (more than 2000 kg);
  • movable rear platform, which makes loading / unloading more convenient.

In addition to the main functions, the berry harvester may have additional options. By order for the equipment, it is possible to install a system of knives for cleaning, wide mudguards, dual rear tires, a roller conveyor (roller conveyor), etc. Companies in Poland know that when the yield is very high, it is sometimes difficult to manage the collection in a timely manner, using only human resources. There is a need for a powerful assistant. His name is a combine.

How does the car work? The design is thought out to the smallest detail. The mechanism works clearly and harmoniously. The shaker, vibrating, makes circular movements in the horizontal plane. The advantage of such a process is that the operation of the scrubber can be adjusted as necessary depending on the specific requirements of a particular collection process. The use of such technologies allows Poland to attract many investors and customers.

Today, the technique for collecting blueberries in Poland is an essential condition for every major employer. If small companies still hire people to collect gonobelob manually, large companies enlist the support of technology. In Poland, the use of berry picking technology reaches a new level. Since there are a lot of cars, and very different ones, even small companies turn to technology for help. When blueberries grow in large numbers, such support cannot be dispensed with.

Tasty and great

Blue berry is popularly known for its beneficial properties. Gonobel berries contain a storehouse of nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. The fruits are rich in vitamins PP, B2, B1, provitamin A, ascorbic acid, phosphorus, calcium, iron, organic acids (malic, citric, benzoic, oxalic). As part of the gonobel, there are 6 amino acids essential for humans, pectins, fiber, tannins. Of particular value are anthocyanins, which enhance the action of antioxidants. Gonobobel boasts more anthocyanins than blueberries. What is the secret of anthocyanins? Their feature is that they determine the anti-carcinogenic and anti-aging characteristics of gonobel.

If you eat berries regularly, then this will provide:

  • acceleration of epidermal regeneration;
  • increased production of natural collagen;
  • cleansing blood vessels of cholesterol accumulation.

The absence of cholesterol increases the flexibility and elasticity of arteries and capillaries, as a result - blood flow improves, cells are saturated with oxygen. All these features make blueberries an honorable berry on the table for everyone who cares about their health and wants to preserve youth and beauty.

Blue berries have a choleretic and anti-inflammatory character, they are used to improve vision. Gonobel has a beneficial effect on the functioning of the digestive organs, contributes to the normal functioning of the pancreas, intestines, and is able to normalize the level of glucose in the blood. The infusion of berries has a fastening property, so it is used for dysentery. Infusion of berries should not be confused with a decoction of leaves! A decoction of leaves of blue berries known as a laxative (relieves constipation). The berry is known for its rich supply of vitamin K, which the human body needs for good blood coagulation.

How to choose blueberries? Look at the peel. It should be whole, dry, blue with a whitish bloom characteristic of a berry. If the berries are without plaque, this should alert. Most likely, the blueberries are stale and begin to gradually deteriorate. Incorrectly picked or poorly bought blueberries will not bring any benefits to the body and health. It will be useful to inquire in what conditions and where the blueberry grows.

Blueberries: early varieties


During the period of rich fruiting of blueberries, experts recommend using special equipment to collect it. A harvester for collecting gonobelob will help to pick berries correctly, without damaging them so that blueberries do not lose their beneficial properties. A quality collection of blueberries is only selected berries. They are used both in traditional medicine and by large pharmacological companies that produce pills for improving vision based on blueberries. For products to be of high quality, it is necessary to use excellent raw materials. Specialized harvesting technology is able to provide this.