"Albion" - one of the best repairing varieties of strawberries

"Albion" - one of the best repairing varieties of strawberries

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Strawberry variety “Fragaria Albion” was received by North American breeders relatively recently, in 2006, at the Agricultural University of California. This is the most common variety of North American wild strawberries. Its main feature is the possibility of obtaining a constant and non-stop harvest of berries during the entire warm period (from May to the end of September).

Under suitable conditions and full satisfaction of all plant requirements during the growing season, the crop can be obtained within 90 days, and if there are film tunnels, all 120. For the full fruiting period, the Albion bush can produce about 2 kg of fragrant berries. The first strawberry appears the next year after sowing the seeds or in the year when the seedlings were planted.

Description and advantages of the grade "Albion"

The bushes of "Albion" are medium and large, with excellently developed tri-lobed leaves of a dense malachite color. Peduncles of impressive size, strong, arranged in a circle.

The strawberry fruit is large and has an average weight of 43-58 g. In the heat and drought, with sufficient watering, the berries do not grow smaller. The fruits are elongated-cone-shaped, saturated garnet color, the flesh of the berry is dense and juicy, the color is deep pink. The taste of berries is full, pleasant, the aroma is strong. Solid seeds are solid, pigmented in a sandy-grass color.

"Albion" is resistant to air drought, but soil drought and freezing of the roots withstand poorly. The variety has great endurance to diseases such as gray fruit rot and leaf anthracnose. "Albion" does not form too many antennae and rosettes, as a result of which plants often propagate by seeds. Regarding the transportability of the variety, berries perfectly withstand transportation over long distances, fully retaining the original appearance, without creasing and juice.

Since the Albion variety completes the formation of berries in late autumn, it is optimally suitable for cultivation in the Black Earth Region and the Kuban. In the Non-Black Earth region, it is recommended to grow Albion in tunnels made of lutrasil in order to extend the ripening period of berries until strong cold weather is established and the harvest volume is increased.

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Strawberry "Albion": features of the variety

Features of planting varieties "Albion"

In order to correctly grow strawberries "Albion", you need to know the rules to make the process simple and effective:

  • the variety should be planted only in an open sunny area;
  • the soil should be light, clay or slightly acidic;
  • large but not very sweet berries develop on sandy soil; small and sweet berries on clay soil;
  • the soil must be fertile, and in order to increase its nutrition, fertilizers must be applied;
  • the crop depends on the quality of seedlings: good seedlings have a fibrous root system and root neck, not exceeding 6 mm;
  • the distance between the bushes of the "Albion" should be at least 30 cm, between the rows should remain from 70 cm;
  • before planting, seedlings should be kept in a cool place for two weeks;
  • variety cultivation is carried out at the end of the summer - the beginning of the autumn season;
  • plants are planted in pre-moistened soil;
  • to deepen the seedlings into the soil to a distance of more than 2 cm should not be.

Features of growing strawberries on agrofibre

On an industrial scale, the variety is grown using agrofibre. To do this, cones are formed on the soil in the form of ridges. The height of the ridge should be about 25 cm. Then, the ridges are mulched and agrofibre is installed.

Seedlings are planted manually in holes in the agrofiber, with a diameter of 10 cm. Immediately after planting, the plants are watered. Important! To increase the yield of strawberries, pinch its processes. When the cold comes, you should get rid of the leaves on the bushes, and cover the plants themselves with straw.

The presented method of growing requires the installation of a drip irrigation system that allows you to evenly saturate the soil with moisture.

Features of propagation of strawberries "Albion"

For seedlings of repairing strawberries, it is necessary to take young rooted bushes obtained from seeds or mustaches of strawberries. The uterine bush itself must be high-yielding and not older than three years. This approach allows you to grow and get a crop in a short time.

Enhanced growth of young shoots begins after flowering and harvesting strawberries. Rosettes with shoots are well fixed in loose and moist ground. In order for strawberry survival to be as high as possible, it is recommended to loosen the aisles and water them abundantly.

Important! Sometimes the roots of the shoots are not deep enough in the ground, so it is necessary to evenly distribute the shoots between the rows. To do this, carefully press down the roots of the plant with your hands and sprinkle them with additionally moistened soil. It is necessary to ensure that the earth does not fall asleep leaves and the core of the appendix. As new mustaches appear, the powdering process is repeated. Only a bush with three full leaves and a sufficiently developed root system can be transplanted to a new place.

Features of care for wild strawberries "Albion"

It is easy to take care of garden strawberries of this variety. Mandatory procedure - regular watering. If you do not exercise it, the berries will be tasteless.

To preserve moisture in the soil, mulching should be used. It will protect the plant from weeds, and also eliminate the need for constant loosening of the soil. If organic materials are used as mulch, next year they will be able to act as fertilizers.

When planting strawberries on agrofiber, minimal care will be required:

  • check leaves for rot;
  • water the bushes;
  • inspect berries for signs of illness.

However, when planting a berry culture in agrofiber, there is a significant minus - red berries are very visible on a black background, therefore, birds will be interested in them. What to do? Scatter red glass on the material. Then the birds, having tasted such a crop, will surely refuse it and subsequently will not hunt for your berries.

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Reviews about the variety of strawberries "Albion"

Reviews about the variety are mixed. Of the shortcomings of the plant, gardeners note:

  • medium disease resistance;
  • exactingness to climate;
  • high requirements for leaving.

The advantages of the variety are as follows:

  • the ability to bear fruit until the frost;
  • great taste;
  • good transportability.

"Albion" does not always give a good harvest. The first berries do not meet the declared characteristics of the variety, and the pleasant taste of the fruit is revealed only to the second fruiting. Ripen berries start at the tip. If you rip the unripe fruits, their taste will be sour. You can find out that the berry has ripened by its color - it must be burgundy. The yield of the variety is lower than that of some popular varieties, for example, Queen Elizabeth.

How to plant strawberry seeds

Despite some of the shortcomings, the Albion variety is considered one of the best varieties of remodeled strawberries. He gives two crops: the first is weak, and the second is plentiful, but requires careful care. In view of this, if you chose the present variety, you will have to try hard to get a large number of delicious berries.