The benefits and harms of beans for the body

The benefits and harms of beans for the body

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Beans (Phaséolus) refers to the typical plants of the legume family (Fabaceae) and occupies an honorable place among garden crops in the home garden and garden vegetable growing of our country. To understand how useful it is and whether its use can harm, you should familiarize yourself with the chemical composition of the product, as well as evaluate the beneficial properties and known contraindications. It should be remembered that most varieties of this vegetable crop are toxic when consumed raw.

Features of Red Beans

This popular variety belongs to the category of very healthy products due to the content of a significant amount of vegetable protein that is beneficial for the body. Also, red beans contain fiber, which can quickly saturate the body, and also perfectly removes toxic components and excess fluid from the body.

In addition, the use of legumes of this type allows you to stabilize blood sugar and prevents the formation of tumors, and the complex of vitamins contained in the finished product improves immunity and has a positive effect on the nervous system.

CompositionContent in 100 g of product
Squirrels8.4 g
Fats0.3 g
Carbohydrates13.7 g
Total calories93 kcal

There are some contraindications, as well as restrictions on the consumption of the product, among which the inability to use raw, as well as the need to carry out mandatory preliminary soaking. Women in position, as well as children, are advised to eat ready-made bean dishes no more than three to four times a month.

Green Beans: Benefits

Features Green Beans

Green beans are known to most growers and consumers as string or asparagus. This is perhaps the most popular variety in our country and among foreign consumers. This vegetable crop belongs to the category of low-calorie foods, therefore, pod dishes are widely used in weight loss programs and diets.

CompositionPer 100 g of product
Squirrels4 g
Fats0.1 g
Carbohydrates4.3 g
Total calories24-26 kcal

Compared to other popular legumes, the beans of this variety are the most balanced in terms of fiber and vitamins, which makes it as easy to digest as possible. The diuretic properties of the product allow you to use dishes from it with urolithiasis, gout and edema of various etiologies.

It is not recommended to include in the menu dishes prepared using green beans in case of exacerbation of chronic diseases such as gastritis, stomach or duodenal ulcer, colitis and cholecystitis.

White beans

Due to its unpretentiousness, high nutritional qualities and the possibility of long-term storage, white beans are cultivated almost everywhere. The presence of valuable nutritional qualities and low calorie content made it very popular and allowed to attribute it to the essential components of a healthy diet. Dishes from this product quickly create a feeling of satiety and for a long time suppress the feeling of hunger. It also contains a significant amount of calcium and magnesium. These components can improve the condition of teeth and bone tissue.

CompositionPer 100 g of product
Squirrels7.1 g
Fats0.5 g
Carbohydrates16.9 g
Total calories102 kcal

Elderly people should also refrain from eating white beans, as well as at the stage of exacerbation or unstable remission of diseases such as gout, nephritis, gastritis, peptic ulcer, cholecystitis, pancreatitis and colitis.

Canned Beans

Currently, canning is almost the most reliable option for preserving legumes for a long period. Canned beans must necessarily meet all the requirements for harvesting vegetables. Ideally, the composition of the product should include only five components: salt, water, legumes, acetic acid and sugar. In this case, the product will have an average calorie content and the greatest benefit.

Fiber in canned white beans helps maintain intestinal microflora and inhibits the development of tumor formations. However, such a product should be used with caution in food for people suffering from flatulence, exacerbation of gastritis and peptic ulcer, gout and colitis.

CompositionPer 100 g of product
Squirrels6.7 g
Fats0.3 g
Carbohydrates17.4 g
Total calories99 kcal

Properly prepared canned red beans can retain all the beneficial substances. A product that does not require additional heat treatment combines excellent taste and beneficial properties.

CompositionPer 100 g of product
Squirrels6.7 g
Fats0.3 g
Carbohydrates17.4 g
Total calories99 kcal

The presence of a cloudy fill, as well as dents or other damage on the can, is a sign of unsatisfactory quality of vegetable products. It is not safe to eat it.

Frozen Beans

After freezing and subsequent thawing in the beans, almost the entire volume of nutrients is preserved. Compared to hulled varieties and species, this variety does not have a significant amount of protein, but contains much more useful substances, including vitamin C, provitamin A, vitamins of group B, vitamin E, folic acid, minerals and fiber, which are preserved in their original form due to the use of "shock" freezing.

CompositionPer 100 g of product
Squirrels2.7 g
Carbohydrates3.98 g
Total calories27.24 kcal

Frozen beans contain a sufficient amount of protein at low levels of calorie content of the product, which allows it to be widely used in diet and baby food. According to experts of dietetic nutrition and pediatricians, the use of this variety of legumes is allowed for children from 11-12 months.

Sprouted beans

Recently, the consumption of vegetable and cereal seedlings has become increasingly popular. Sprouted beans are rich in ingredients like amino acids, vitamin C, iron and potassium.

The use of such a product in food provides effective prevention of atherosclerosis, and also allows you to reduce sugar levels in diabetes and normalize metabolism. Bean sprouts increase immunity.

It should be remembered that red beans are not subject to germination, due to the presence of toxins in it, which are destroyed solely by the high-temperature regime, that is, during the heat treatment.

How to grow beans

Besides the fact that beans are useful as a food product, it also helps to maintain order in the garden. Any variety helps protect other garden crops from being hit by a wireworm, and nodule bacteria saturate the soil with very useful nitrogen.


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