"Orange Miracle" - yellow and high-yielding raspberries

Raspberry "Orange Miracle" is a large-fruited repairing variety with bright and beautiful golden yellow berries. This variety belongs to the elite category and was obtained by domestic breeders of the Kokinsky stronghold of VSTISP. It is characterized by a high level of resistance to diseases and pests, but is quite susceptible to severe frosts and excessive heat.

Grade Features

Raspberry varieties "Orange Miracle" has an average growth power. Shoots on the bushes are very compact. The branches are erect, with a fairly large number of thorns. The description of the variety and its characteristics require the slope of the shoots under the weight of the berry, therefore, in order to avoid breakage, the plant requires high-quality and timely tying.

A characteristic feature is the formation of fruit laterals at 75% of the entire shoot length. General indicators of shoot formation ability of the bush are moderate. The plant forms about 5-7 shoots of substitution and a significant amount of shoots. The variety is characterized by the formation of a high and stable crop.

Berries in length reach 4-4.5 cm. The average weight of marketable berries is from 6.5 to 8.5 g. The fully ripened berries are one-dimensional and dense, have a conical shape and a characteristic, very delicate and pleasant aroma. Drupe is relatively small and have a tight grip with each other. The surface is pronounced orange, the flesh is light orange, very juicy, sweet and fragrant. The taste rating is 4.5 points.

Raspberry "Orange Wonder": variety description

Rules and terms of landing

You can plant the Orange Miracle variety in spring or autumn. The plant belongs to the unpretentious and fairly well survives when grown in almost any soil and climatic conditions. The most favorable conditions for growth and fruiting are represented by loamy soil, which has a clear granular structure. The soil should absorb water well and be well ventilated. For landing, it is best to choose the most lighted spot on the south side of the site.

In order to independently teach high-quality planting material, you should choose a plant whose age should not be less than two or three years. In such a raspberry bush, the central part should be removed, which will allow the remaining roots to form a suitable shoot.

Care Tips

It is not too troublesome to grow Orange Wonder raspberries on a personal garden or garden plot. The plant is very responsive to care, but also unpretentious. In the spring, immediately after the complete melting of snow, it is absolutely necessary to add 40 g of urea for each running meter of the landing trench. At the same time, it is recommended to spray adult raspberry bushes with 2% nitrafen.

For prevention in the spring, even before budding, raspberry bushes are recommended to be sprayed with a 6-7% urea solution. A good result is given by spraying plants immediately after removing frozen and damaged shoots with a tool such as Bordeaux fluid. Before flowering, plants need to be sprayed with Inta-Vir. In autumn, after the final harvest, the raspberry is sprayed again, in order to destroy all insect pests and pathogenic microorganisms.

When cultivating repair varieties, it is necessary to regularly carry out such mandatory measures as weeding, watering and cultivating. To obtain high yields, you need to annually remove the aerial part of the raspberry bush immediately after fruiting.

Reviews of summer residents

The repair variety "Orange Miracle" deservedly received high praise and positive reviews from gardeners and gardeners. Large-fruited raspberries of this variety begin fruiting from the last ten days of July and make it possible to obtain highly productive berries up to severe autumn frosts. High density values ​​make the crop easy to transport. Raspberries are suitable for long-term storage without loss of taste and quality characteristics. The berries are very tasty, and they can be consumed not only fresh, but also used to make compotes, desserts, preserves or jam.

The general impression of the variety is positive: for a long time after ripening, the berries can hang on the bushes and do not fall, almost 100% of the total crop is formed before frost. With proper care, the yield from one raspberry bush is not less than 2.5–2.7 kg.

Yellow Raspberry: features and care

The variety is very well established in the application of environmentally friendly and low-cost cultivation technologies. Repairing raspberries of this variety easily tolerate a temperature drop of −24 ° C, but in most regions such indicators are insufficient. The main disadvantage of the variety is the presence of a high plant content.