Strawberry cultivation technology "Darselect"

Strawberry "Darselect", or garden strawberry Darselect Strawberry, refers to mid-early varieties of short daylight hours. The French productive variety has become popular and has gained wide popularity in the conditions of home gardening in our country, and is also widely cultivated by farms.

Variety Description and Characterization

Strawberries of the Darselect variety form powerful, erect, dark green leaves and have high rooting rates. This variety is characterized by moderate tolerance to the defeat of Phytophthora, Cactorum, but the description of the variety suggests sensitivity to Verticilium and Oïdium. Also Darselect Strawberry is often affected by purple spotting and spider mites.

Berry Darselect Strawberry elongated-conical shape, with a blunt end part. The average mass of marketable berries is 19-20 g. The peel is uniform, brick red, with a slight gloss. The pulp is light red, with a dense consistency.

The harvest is resistant to mechanical damage, the berries do not darken after harvest and can be transported over long distances. Taste qualities and the presence of a typical strawberry flavor, as well as aroma, receive positive reviews and praise from consumers and gardeners.

The average yield, subject to the requirements of agricultural technology, is about 0.7-0.9 kg per adult plant. The indicators of frost resistance are -16-20 ° C. Darselect Strawberry can be grown both on open ridges and in sheltered ground using nutrient substrates.

Strawberry "Darselect": features of the variety

The scheme and timing of planting seedlings

Strawberries from French breeders of the Darselect variety are recommended to be planted on flat and well-lit areas. A feature of this variety is a well-developed and very powerful root system, so planting involves a standard number of strawberry seedlings - for each square meter, no more than four plants.

Experts and experienced gardeners recommend maintaining a distance between seedlings of garden strawberries of 30-35 cm. The maximum yield of the variety is achieved after the complete growth of the root system. Abundant and high-quality fruiting in one area can be carried out for four years, after which the yield indicators are reduced, and the strawberry plantings of Darselect Strawberry must be updated.

Watering, fertilizing and mulching

The cultivation of a highly productive strawberry variety "Darselect" involves the use of high agricultural technology and strict adherence to the cultivation technology of this berry culture:

  • mulching of strawberry bushes with a black film is carried out directly at the stage of planting a berry culture in a constant place;
  • the use of a mulching layer of organic origin involves the use of sawdust, dried grass or chopped straw at the beginning of the mass flowering phase, immediately after shallow loosening of the soil and removal of weed vegetation;
  • in the early spring, after sanitary cleaning of strawberry plantings, top dressing with complex fertilizers in the form of nitroammophoska or organics represented by infusion of mullein or bird droppings is carried out;
  • at the stage of active budding and ripening of strawberries, it is advisable to use potassium fertilizers, including potassium nitrate, or wood ash for top dressing;
  • in order to increase productivity in the phase of growth of ovaries of wild strawberries, it is recommended to spray the plants with microelements;
  • after the final harvest, at the stage of preparing berry bushes for winter, it is necessary to fertilize plants with complex mineral or organic fertilizers with the addition of a small amount of wood ash.

In recent years, top dressing of strawberries with ready-made fertilizers specially designed for growing this berry crop has become very popular. Besides, The variety belongs to the category of moisture-loving, so watering should be regular. Watering should be carried out under the root, in the early morning or in the evening, after sunset. The use of a drip irrigation system gives a good result.

Tips and reviews of gardeners

A strawberry variety called Darselect is characterized and appreciated by gardeners positively. This first-class early variety with very attractive and large berries has proven its worth when cultivated in home gardening in central Russia. Darselect Strawberry, according to gardeners and farmers, refers to market varieties that, in addition to external attractiveness, have excellent indicators of transportability.

Strawberries: variety selection

However, gardeners noted a high need for productive plants of this variety to regularly conduct irrigation activities, and in regions with adverse soil and climatic conditions, the use of shelters for the winter period is recommended.