Strawberries "Cinderella": reviews of gardeners and growing from seeds

Strawberries "Cinderella": reviews of gardeners and growing from seeds

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Strawberries "Cinderella" bred by NIZISNP. The variety was the result of work on crossing the Festivalnaya variety with the very famous and popular foreign Zenga-Zengana variety. This repairing strawberry garden combined only the best characteristics of the parental couple involved in the selection work.

Grade Features

Bushes of garden strawberries "Cinderella" are vigorous, but compact, with good foliage indicators. A feature of the variety is a slight formation of mustaches by mother bushes.

The variety description assumes the presence of large dark green leaves with a characteristic waxy coating. Numerous peduncles are long and quite thick. Inflorescences of a compact type, low-flowering, are located below the leaves or at the same level with them. The flowers are large, have white and slightly twisted petals.

Berries of a blunt form, attractive appearance. The average weight of marketable berries can be 21-23 g. The features of the variety include the fact that the berries of the first harvest are quite large, they reach a mass of 40 g. The variety belongs to the category of average ripening of the crop. Ripe pulp of orange-red color, dense texture, sweet and sour and dessert taste.

Yields are high. Winter hardiness of this variety is at a very decent level. The variety is characterized by resistance to powdery mildew, but in some years the crop may be affected by gray rot.

Description of seed growing technology

There is an opinion that strawberries of the Cinderella variety, obtained from seeds, grow a stronger and more productive berry crop than as a result of rooting mustaches or when planting seedlings already prepared, acquired in nurseries.

Growing from seeds refers to the rather laborious processes of obtaining high-quality and abundant fruit bearing berry crops, therefore, it implies strict adherence to the technology of planting and care of seedlings:

  • the best time for sowing seeds of strawberries is early spring, preferably the beginning of March;
  • as planting containers for strawberries, it is recommended to use low peat pots with a height of not more than 7-8 cm, which must have high-quality drainage holes;
  • the soil mixture for sowing seed should be as loose and incorporating sand, humus and high peat;

How to plant wild strawberries

  • you can use ready-made soil, which is intended for growing indoor plants or universal type;
  • before sowing, it is imperative to disinfect the soil by watering it with a weak potassium permanganate solution or warming up at high temperature in an oven;
  • Presowing the soil with special preparations, for example, Maxim, gives a good result, which will reduce the risk of defeating strawberry seedlings by such a dangerous disease as the black leg.

Sowing strawberry seeds in peat pots is best one at a time, which will allow you to not carry out a laborious operation to dive seedlings. Pots should be filled with soil and watered abundantly about two days before sowing. Before sowing the seeds, the upper soil layer is moistened with warm water from the spray gun.

Sprinkle the seeds of garden strawberries with soil is not necessary. After sowing, planting containers should be covered with a film to create a greenhouse effect and placed in a room with a temperature regime of + 23-25 ​​° C until emergence. It is necessary to periodically ventilate the crops and moisten with warm water from the spray gun.

Care Tips

Under the conditions of the correct temperature regime and with optimal humidity indicators, seedlings of garden strawberries of the Cinderella variety appear after about two weeks. Further care for strawberry seedlings is simple and consists of the following activities:

  • removal of the film coating from seedlings and the location of the landing containers in the most lit, warm place without the presence of draft;
  • watering as the soil dries in seedlings;
  • after the appearance of the fourth leaflet, it is recommended to start weekly dressing of plants "Kemira-Lux", "Soluble" and "Aquarium", which are desirable to alternate and combine with irrigation activities;
  • conducting hardening procedures with the removal of young plants for a short time in cooler conditions, which will prepare strawberry seedlings for open ground conditions.

High-quality and strong seedlings of garden strawberries should have six leaves and a well-developed root system. It is possible to plant strawberry seedlings in open ground only after warm days are established and the threat of plant damage by late spring frosts passes.

The standard distance between the plants to be planted is recommended to be maintained at a level of 40-45 cm. In the first days after planting, young plants need shading. Subject to agricultural technology, garden strawberries, popular from gardeners of the Cinderella variety, grown from seeds, can form a good crop in the first year.

Gardeners reviews

The variety of strawberries (garden strawberries) "Cinderella" receives the most positive reviews from professional gardeners and summer residents not only in our country, but also abroad. According to experienced gardeners, the presence of compact but powerful enough bushes and high productivity of the variety require increased requirements for fertility and soil moisture in the area.

The secrets of growing strawberries

The Cinderella variety is very responsive to timely and competent fertilizer application, including organic chemistry and basic complex fertilizers. The maximum formation of flowers and peduncles of both the first and second harvest is observed only with strict adherence to growing technology and high agricultural technology.