Features remontannoy strawberries varieties Ostara

Features remontannoy strawberries varieties Ostara

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Ostar's Strawberry is another great remodeling variety of berry. Today, probably, there is not a single personal plot where strawberries or garden strawberries are not grown.

Why is preference given to the repair one? Removable strawberries and related individual varieties allow you to collect several crops in one season. One of the representatives of this type of plant is Ostara garden strawberry.

Grade description

Description of Ostar's strawberries should begin with the origin of the variety of this garden plant. Garden strawberry of this species differs from the others in its particular reliability in the process of its cultivation. The Ostara garden strawberry variety was bred by Dutch breeders in the second half of the 20th century.

The first harvest of strawberries of this species can give in about the first half of June. Repeatedly bear fruit Ostara bushes will be closer to mid-July and almost until the very end of October. But this is possible in warm climatic conditions. Thus, the practically unceasing flowering and the process of setting new strawberry fruits allow quite a long time to feast on its berries until the first frosts hit.

The abbreviation NSD for this kind of garden strawberry indicates that Ostara is one of the varieties of neutral daylight hours.

This variety of garden treats forms fruits not only on the mother bushes of the plant. Fruits are formed quite quickly on young stepchildren, which are formed after being accidentally rooted independently or at the request of the gardener.

The berries are outwardly pretty. Ostar's strawberry fruits are quite large. But the reviews of many gardeners suggest that there is some tendency to chop strawberry fruits almost immediately after the first harvested crop. In general, the official information characterizing the variety of this strawberry indicates a significant weight of one berry. One strawberry fruit of this variety can weigh 20-75 g.

How to care for strawberries

The bushes of the plant are neat and compact. They can reach a height of up to a quarter meter. Ostara leaves have a dark green uniform color. They are covered with tiny hairs.

Strawberry fruits may resemble a cone. The color of the berries is uniform, bright red tones. The surface of the berries is smooth and shiny.

The taste of fragrant berries is sweet, but gives a little sourness. Despite the fact that almost 87% of the berry consists of water, it has a large amount of vitamins. This allows the use of strawberries for medical purposes.

Ostara strawberry fruits are difficult to transport because they are very soft.

Cultivation and planting recommendations

Properly organized planting and preparatory activities will more likely increase the yield of this variety of garden strawberries. Therefore, it is important to observe some conditions.

So, the Ostara variety prefers light and well-warmed areas. This strawberry variety will not grow in too arid soil, but the raw lowlands of the site should also not be chosen for planting Ostara. The soil for these berries should be moderately moist.

When planting, it is important to consider the predecessors that grew earlier in this place. Strawberry varieties of Otar will perfectly take root on the ground if dill, garlic, legumes, oats, rye or carrots grew there before it.

It’s important to pay attention to the acidity of the soil, since its high rates will cause green strawberry leaves to turn red by mid-summer. Therefore, acidic soil must be diluted with wood ash previously applied before planting berries.

Planting is best done in the summer-autumn period. This time will allow the plant to take root firmly in the soil, and the very next year to please its sweet fruits. It is important to monitor how the plant takes root. If any bush has not taken root, you need to have time to plant a new one in its place. At the same time, it is quite important to observe the irrigation regime, especially when new leaves grow.

This kind of garden strawberry is very capricious in relation to too cold temperatures and, conversely, excessive heat.

For example, strawberry bushes can overwinter only in conditions of good snow cover and additional warming in the form of a layer of straw, the thickness of which should be at least 10 cm.

How to plant strawberries

It is also important to protect Ostara from the scorching sun.

Strawberry Reviews Ostara

Mikhail, 54 years old, Togliatti: “I acquired and planted Ostar's repair strawberries not too long ago. I must say that it requires special care. But if a person likes to work on earth, then there is nothing complicated. But the berries taste like a real fragrant wild strawberry. Nothing beats her taste. ”

Olga, 43 years old, Irkutsk: “Strawberry of the Ostara variety 2 years ago slightly froze. I had to reanimate the remains, but still it was possible. Now, before wintering, I cut off all dried leaves, and I insulate the roots with a layer of straw. Yes, and changed the landing site. Now strawberries are growing where snowdrifts spill over in winter. So in the summer there are a lot of berries, and they now winter well. ”

Valentina, 46 years old, Saransk: “A neighbor from the summer cottage shared the garden strawberries of the Ostara variety. She also explained that every season it is necessary to renew strawberry nests, because the berries will be smaller in the second year. At first it seemed a rather difficult affair, but the taste of Ostar's strawberries made it nevertheless take up planting. After all, it resembles wild strawberries, which are not found everywhere. It is a pity that it is impossible to store this strawberry for a long time, because the berries are soft and easy to crush. But then the jam from it is fragrant and tasty. ”