Description of Lord's Strawberries

In order to understand what the Lord strawberry is, a description of the variety, photos will be excellent helpers in this case. The main feature of this species is the large size of the berries. This is due to the fact that the variety was the result of the intervention of breeders. Many note that there is a wild strawberry Lord, but in this case we are talking about the same strawberry.

Basic information

If you look at the features of strawberries Lord, the description has only positive aspects. The first thing worth noting is excellent stability. The strawberry variety is not demanding in care, is well preserved during frosts and resists various diseases.

To get a good harvest during the growing of berries you need to adhere to the advice of experienced gardeners. In order for the berries to be large, and the taste of strawberries Lord pronounced, you need to pay attention to the peculiarities of care and create all the optimal conditions.

If you follow all the recommendations, you can get good fruits, and the weight of one will reach about 100 g, which can be seen in the photo. The berries are cone-shaped, and the taste is a pleasant sweet and sour shade.

As for the size of the bush, in most cases the height of each is approximately 50 cm. To start the peak of growth, the main maternal bush must ripen, after which the antennae begin to sprout actively. Thus, individual plants begin to appear. Each outlet is an independent entity on which the fetus appears. To get the necessary seedlings, gardeners simply separate this outlet and place it in the favorable conditions that the plant needs for proper development and growth.

A distinctive feature of this variety can be called longevity. If you adhere to the proper care and properly nourish the plant, the Lord can bear fruit for 10 years. Productivity (even with such a long period) will be high. All that is required of the gardener is the replacement of the soil. Such an action must be performed at least once every 5 years.

On one outlet can be about 6 bright and large berries, as you can see when viewing the photo. The fruiting process lasts from June to mid-July.

Strawberry Lord: Growing

Landing and care

If you plan to plant a variety of strawberry varieties Lord, then you should avoid the marshland. In such a place, the plant does not receive enough light, which affects the yield, and the variety loses its characteristics. It follows that during fruiting the berries will not be so large.

After choosing a place, you can begin to prepare beds: you need to clean the soil from weeds and pour ammonia solution. This will help to avoid the attack of pests and the effects of various diseases.

It is necessary to wait for a while, so that the ground is slightly moist and dried out after processing with a solution. Next, you can begin to land. Given that the fruits are quite large, and the bush itself has overall dimensions, you need to plant the Lord variety in a checkerboard pattern. This will help to avoid the appearance of one solid carpet. If this happens, and the plants are planted tightly with each other, then the gardener does not have the opportunity to loosen the ground and observe the ripening fruits.

A pretty good method is to fit under the film. The bed needs to be covered with a large and voluminous sheet of polyethylene, and special holes for holes are made in the material. The roots should be hidden in the soil, and the rest of the plant should be left on the surface. To properly understand the landing method, you can view the photo. It will turn out quite conveniently, especially for harvesting.

For planting, the period of early spring is well suited. Since the height of the plant is quite large, you need to take care of tying so that the plant can hold during ripening.

Than fertilize

Before choosing a fertilizer, you need to study in detail the description of the variety and features. Organic fertilizers are used as fertilizer. With the help of such fertilizer, productivity increases several times. In comparison with other species, top dressing is exclusively for the active growth of fruits.

To reduce the time to care for strawberries, you can turn to the use of mulch. This will stop the rapid germination of weeds, as well as retain moisture in the soil. In addition to weeds, gardeners also remove the antennae of plants, since during the ripening period they absorb a supply of nutrients.

How to water

Prior to the ripening of the first berries of the Strawberry variety Lord, you need to take care of abundant hydration. To do this, you can use special systems and hoses for irrigation.

Do not forget that the soil needs weeding and cultivation. For this, special garden devices are used. In this case, you can be sure that fertilizers and moisture will get exactly in the root zone of the plant.

Other characteristics

Reading reviews with a description of the variety, you will notice that some call strawberries strawberries. In this case, we are talking about the same plant.

The characteristics and description of the Lord variety are basically the same. Many note the following features:

  1. Sweet taste.
  2. Nice smell.
  3. Red tint.
  4. The brightness of the berries.

Strawberries: variety selection

Experienced gardeners warn that high yields are observed only up to 7 years (with proper care). In the following flowering periods, the fruiting level is somewhat lower.

The first berries will be the sweetest. All the positive qualities of the variety are manifested only if good nutrition is used.