Dahlias: when to dig in the fall, how to store in the winter and germinate

Dahlias: when to dig in the fall, how to store in the winter and germinate

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An important question arises before novice growers who grow dahlias when digging out these beautiful flowers. Undoubtedly, many people like this large multi-layer and surprisingly beautiful flower. But in order to enjoy its beauty as long as possible, dahlias for the winter need to be dug up.

Digging a dahlia is a very responsible matter, because it depends on this, and also on compliance with the storage rules for dug tubers in winter, whether they will bloom for next year.

Digging dahlia tubers in the fall

Before digging out the roots of a flower, you need to familiarize yourself with the recommendations of specialists.

Before digging dahlia tubers for the winter, several important points to consider:

  • the end of the flowering period;
  • variety of plant;
  • the onset of the first frost.

Obviously, you can dig up tubers only after the plant has completely faded and discarded all the peduncles.

An important condition for observing the proper organization of harvesting dahlias and their subsequent storage all winter is the determination of the correct period for harvesting tubers. Before harvesting tubers, it is necessary to stop feeding the plant with various fertilizers. The end of the growing season is not necessary for fertilizing flowers, especially if they are dug up for the winter.

When digging dahlias also depends on the plant variety. Tubers of a large number of varieties of these beautiful flowers begin to form in early spring. But finally, their ripening occurs only at the end of the summer flowering season. It follows that a longer stay of the plant tubers in the soil will positively affect the process of their formation, and hence the quality of storage of dahlia roots in winter.

In most of the territory of our country at the end of the summer period light slight frosts occur. Frosts, although small, are only a couple of degrees below zero, but such an insignificant decrease in temperature indicators can destroy the flowers and leaves of the plant.

Those dahlias that have suffered from the cold need to be cut off immediately, so that the plant has the opportunity in the future to please its owners with beautiful flowering. Tubers at this time will direct all forces to enhanced maturation and a kind of preparation for winter storage. This process will occur until severe frosts.

The procedure for digging a dahlia can be carried out immediately after the first strong frost occurs.

Dahlias: when and how to dig

Dig dahlias for the winter

Immediately before harvesting dahlias for the winter and preparing for their germination, the grower needs to do some preparatory work.

First of all, you need to pay attention to the sick, weakened over the summer and not blooming or weakly flowering plants. They must first be isolated from the rest of the plants. To do this, you need to dig an infected plant directly with a lump of earth adjacent to the roots and burn. It is no longer possible to cure such a plant.

It is believed that shortly before digging the roots of dahlias in plants, all leaves and stems should be cut. But it is important to do this carefully and correctly. Cutting too short can cause the tubers to rot. This can happen due to the fact that water will flow into the stem. If you decide to dig dahlias according to this method, then you need to close each individual flower stalk with ordinary food foil.

So, the stem should not be cut too short, otherwise the tubers will not be preserved in the winter. The length of the stem above the soil surface should not be shorter than 10 cm. This, by the way, will facilitate further work with tubers. It is important at this time not to forget to make a note about the variety of the flower. You can hang a tag with the name of a variety of dahlias on cropped stems.

It is important to dig dahlias with extreme care so as not to damage them with a shovel. And the necks of the tubers are fragile. This becomes noticeable even in the process of extracting them from the soil.

When to get dahlias from the earth? It is better to do this in the morning, since dug up tubers before harvesting for storage and subsequent germination require drying. This procedure will slightly strengthen the roots of the flowers.

In order to remove the dahlia root from the ground without unnecessary damage, they first dig it around. This will cut long roots, and the tubers will remain unharmed.. Gently pulling the tubers out of the soil, you need to turn them down with stems and dry them for a while under the sun. Then the roots are washed under running water to avoid infection, and dried again. Only now prepared tubers of plants can be removed for storage and further germination.

How to store dahlias: is it necessary to clean

Dahlias in winter should be stored correctly. Preliminary, it is recommended to lower the roots into a fabric bag and put on the lower shelf of the refrigerator for 4-5 days.

This method will allow the peeling process to begin, which will subsequently allow moisture to remain in the tubers during the winter.

After that, you can remove the tubers in a cool dark place, for example, in the basement or cellar, for storage and further germination.

How to save dahlias in winter

Sadovodov is often concerned about the question of whether it is necessary to dig dahlias at all for the winter. Most experienced specialists believe that plants will not survive the winter in the ground, even if they are significantly insulated.