Hyacinth: annual or annual

Hyacinth: annual or annual

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Hello! Tell me, please, hyacinth - a perennial or annual flower? I want to use it when designing my personal plot along with the dolphinium. Very interested in the opinion of experts on the characteristics of planting, care and reproduction of hyacinth. I want to understand how capricious a flower is. Thank you for your reply!

Some inexperienced flower growers are interested in whether hyacinth is a perennial or annual plant, what are the conditions for its cultivation in open ground.

Hyacinths are perennial bulbous plants of the asparagus family, which, with proper care, will delight others for 10 years. They have erect peduncles up to 30-40 cm high with spike-like tassels of fragrant bell-shaped flowers, narrow long leaves. Externally, the flower resembles a delphinium.

An important feature in the cultivation of hyacinths is the alternation of their periods of vegetation and dormancy. Delphinium is often an annual, the conditions for its cultivation are somewhat different.

Bulbs of hyacinths are planted at the beginning of October in prepared soil, covered with old leaves, peat or mulch. With the advent of spring, the emerged sprouts are neatly released from winter shelter. With proper care, rapid plant growth and abundant flowering are observed in April or May, after which a dormant period begins. It is necessary to dig a perennial from the ground and store it all this time in a warm, dry room. In the fall, the bulbs are again planted in the soil.

In order for hyacinths to please their magnificent flowering in the open ground, certain care rules must be observed, including:

  • soil selection;
  • temperature condition;
  • watering;
  • top dressing;
  • pest protection.

Places for growing flowers are selected on well-drained, sandy loamy soils, with a sufficient degree of illumination, closed from direct sunlight, drafts and strong winds.

Being one of the first flowers to start blooming in early May, hyacinths can easily tolerate frost and diurnal temperature fluctuations. They need moderate watering, slightly increasing during budding and flowering. Plants are sensitive to top dressing, especially to nitrogen fertilizers, superphosphates and potassium sulfate. Frequent methods of propagation of hyacinths are bulbs, flakes, children.

Hyacinths when grown in open ground are not very susceptible to diseases and pests.

Sometimes flowers can be attacked by aphids, root onion mites, scoops, and yellow bacterial rot is noted more often than other diseases.

How to plant hyacinth

Based on the basic rules for the cultivation of hyacinths, one can easily achieve stunning success in the original design of your site.


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