Why do potato leaves turn yellow and dry

Why do potato leaves turn yellow and dry

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Hello! I'm very interested in the question of why the leaves of the potato turn yellow. I am inclined to believe that the Colorado potato beetle is to blame, but maybe the reasons lie elsewhere? Please tell me what this may mean. Thanks in advance for your reply!

There are several reasons why the leaves of the potato turn yellow, but the Colorado potato beetles do not affect this process, their larvae simply eat all the greens without a trace. The problems lie elsewhere, consider the most common:

  • If the tops turn yellow, then perhaps the soil in which the potatoes grow is devoid of the normal amount of moisture. Especially this moment needs to be considered in a hot season. Abundant watering will save your future harvest.

  • If you use special chemicals to kill weeds, then the potato leaves may also turn yellow from such substances.
  • If, when weeding the earth and removing excess grass, you hit and damaged the roots of the potato.
  • If the tubers of the plant are affected by potato nematodes.

  • If the potato is infected with late blight. Late blight very much reduces the amount of yield, almost by half.

In addition, if the leaves turn yellow, then perhaps your harvest is already ripe and it is time to collect the fruits of your labor.

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