Strawberry "Holiday": growing conditions and reviews of gardeners

Strawberry "Holiday": growing conditions and reviews of gardeners

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Strawberry "Holiday" from the American selection belongs to the varieties of medium ripening. When cultivated in the North-West region, the variety is characterized as medium late.

Thanks to its amazing taste and excellent quality characteristics, strawberries of this variety have become very popular both among amateur gardeners and consumers. Experts recommend strawberries "Holiday" for cultivation in the North Caucasus and Ural regions.

Grade description

Garden strawberry called "Holiday" has a fairly high above-ground part. Strawberry bushes are sprawling, with moderate indicators of leafy. Peduncles are medium in length, crowned with compact, non-flowering inflorescences. Peduncles on one level or do not rise above the leaves of the plant.

The berries of the first harvest are characterized by large sizes. The average weight of marketable berries reaches 30-32 g. Berries of the correct round-conical shape, with a small neck, light red color. In the future, the berries are slightly smaller. Achenes are yellowish, slightly submerged in a dense pulp of light red color. The taste is very pleasant, sweet and sour, dessert. Productivity is quite high and is at least 100-150 kg per hundred square meters.

The originator of the Kotlas RAAS has given an extended description of the variety, which suggests average winter hardiness. Plants have good drought tolerance and are rarely affected by fungal diseases.

Growing conditions

Strawberries, or garden strawberries, with the sonorous and beautiful name "Holiday" must be planted according to the rules of agricultural technology. For landing, the site is prepared in advance. The soil must have neutral acidity and be fertile, as well as light and breathable, without moisture accumulation.

As fertilizers for planting, it is recommended to use rotted manure and wood ash. The application of such fertilizers can be done when digging the soil, and when applied locally, humus and ash are added to the planting holes.

When planting, it must be borne in mind that adult plants of this strawberry variety are capable of forming fairly large and tall bushes, so you should adhere to the distance between them at the level of 40-45 cm.

Strawberries: variety selection

To get a healthy and most productive plant, you should irrigate at least twice a week, and in conditions of too hot weather, irrigation is carried out every other day. The lack of moisture, as well as its excess, has a very negative effect on the quality and quantity of the crop.

Productive varieties very quickly deplete the soil, and their cultivation on the same site for more than four years is unprofitable.

Reviews of summer residents

Despite the fact that today a large amount of seedling material is already being prepared for planting, including Holiday strawberries, many gardeners are still trying to get the plants on their own from the seeds. According to gardeners, the seeds are characterized as difficult to resemble, therefore, growing plants from them is quite difficult and it is best to use well-moistened peat tablets.

The Holiday strawberry variety, according to gardeners, forms tasty, fragrant, large berries, which are numerous on every adult plant. Strawberries from American breeders are very unpretentious both in weather conditions and in care. Shrubs in appearance resemble ordinary strawberries and grow very quickly. Flowering is plentiful and constant. At the same time, a large number of berries ripen, even on still very young plants.

Strawberries of this variety are high-yielding and transportable. Productivity with proper care and compliance with agricultural technology is at least 1-1.5 kg from each adult bush. Every year, the yield decreases slightly, and the berries themselves are slightly smaller, but the appearance always remains marketable.

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Tips & Tricks

The use of the well-established Raritan and New York 844 varieties as a parent line in the strawberry Holiday cultivation made it possible to obtain a plant with excellent characteristics and indicators.

Despite the stated resistance to drought, to obtain stable yields, regular watering should not be neglected, followed by loosening of the surface soil layers. Weeding of berry planting sites is also regularly carried out. You can reduce the time and effort spent on care using an organic or inorganic mulching layer.

How to care for strawberries

When growing, special attention should be paid to timely and high-quality top dressing and plentiful watering, since the high productivity of the variety quickly reduces soil fertility.


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