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How to properly freeze blueberries for the winter at home in the refrigerator

Blueberries are well known for being a flavorful, mouth-watering and very healthy berry. The valuable properties of its fruits are especially in demand in the cold season, when the body is in dire need of vitamins and other vital substances. For everyone who cares about their own health and strives to protect their family from disease, it will be important to know how to properly freeze blueberries.
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Feeding pears in spring, summer and autumn

Trees, as well as their owners, gardeners, need a balanced diet. Providing them with the substances necessary for growth and fruiting is not such a simple task, because it is necessary to take into account the type of tree, the stage of its development and the time of year. Fertilizer introduced at the wrong time can nullify all the efforts of the gardener and the efforts spent on cultivating the garden for several years.
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Meringue f1: Dutch cucumber

Cucumber "Meringue f1", or "Merengue F1", is a high-yielding and very early hybrid that is stable in fruiting throughout the growing period and is recommended for cultivation in both open and protected ground. Description of the variety The hybrid form "Meringue" belongs to the category of parthenocarpic high-yielding ultra-ripening hybrids, which are intended for fresh consumption, and are also widely used in canning and pickling.
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