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What fertilizers are applied after harvest

Dear gardeners, please tell us, after harvesting in August-September-October, what and how to process, what fertilizers to apply? Tags: Fertilizers, Fertilizers 259 views | 07/19/2016 14:20 Last questions: There is a picture of moss, but I don’t know the name. Victor asked (at my place) Someone at the country eats red beet leaves and carrot leaves. Who is this?
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Apricot "Royal": a description of the variety and features of care

Apricot Korolevsky was bred by specialists of the Research Institute of Agrarian Problems in the Republic of Khakassia as a result of breeding with local, well-established apricot varieties. Specialists see the origin of the "Royal" apricot and French roots. Characteristics and description of the variety Apricot trees of this variety are vigorous, up to five meters high, with a rounded crown.
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Remontant strawberry "Fresco f1": description and cultivation

Removable strawberry "Fresco f1" is one of the best and most popular large-fruited varieties with high flavoring indices. The unpretentious new hybrid form of garden strawberries refers to early ripening and highly productive, feels great in any region of cultivation and does not have sensitivity to changes in daylight hours.
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Description of the potato variety Bullfinch, features of cultivation and care

The potato variety Bullfinch appeared relatively recently, but has already been included in the lists of the State Register. Domestic breeders gave the name to the potato for its beautiful, reddish peel and frost resistance. The variety quickly gained recognition not only among Russian gardeners and farms, but also among residents of the neighboring countries due to its excellent keeping quality, excellent taste and marketable appearance.
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